Mesozoic Era Phanerozoic Eon Mesozoic Era Mesozoic Overview Mesozoic Pangaea Breakup

Mesozoic Era Phanerozoic Eon Mesozoic Era Mesozoic Overview Mesozoic Pangaea Breakup

Mesozoic Era Phanerozoic Eon Mesozoic Era Mesozoic Overview Mesozoic Pangaea Breakup

Rusch, David, Host/Anchor;Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Mesozoic Era Geology Phanerozoic Eon Mesozoic Era 3 periods Age of Reptiles Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous Mesozoic Overview Global Breakup of Pangaea North America Cordilleran Eastern Coastal Region Subduction zone after N.A. moves west Cordilleran Orogeny Fault block mountains

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Mesozoic Pangaea Breakup Greatly influenced geology/biology/climate Fracturing of continents i.e. S. Africa Rift Associated with extension Triple junction Mantle plume = bulge 2 arms join in fracturing 3rd failed arm = aulacogen (Niger, Miss, Amazon) Continental Drift Geographic Fit Continents seem to fit together like pieces of a puzzle

Mesozoic Paleogeography Triassic Laurasia in addition to Gondwana (L. Tr) N. America from S. America in addition to Africa (L. Tr-E. Jr) Tethys to Atlantic Note location along equator Mesozoic Paleogeography Jurassic Fragmentation of Gondwana (L. Tr & Jr) Antarctica in addition to Australia break off (L. Tr) India splits in addition to moves north Pangaea Rifting Jurassic Thick evaporites

Mesozoic Paleogeography Cretaceous S. America from Africa (begin L. Jr) E. Tethys closes; Mediterranean prototype as long as ms Australia in addition to Antarctica separate (end of K) India moves northward K transgression Mesozoic Ocean Circulation Triassic to Cretaceous Evolution of oceanic circulation Simple pattern in a single ocean Complex in newly as long as med oceans N.A. Paleogeography Continental Interior Mostly above water; no epeiric seas See only Zuni (E. Jr-Paleo) & Absaroka sequences

N.A. Paleogeography Eastern Coastal Region Alleghenian orogeny uplifted Appalachians Erosion = coarse sediments Pangaea rifting = fault block basins Newark group (6000m), poorly sorted, non-marine (L. Tr-E. Jr) Reptilian footprints no dinos Dikes & sills (Palisades) After rifting = passive margin Uplifted mtns. planed off K = Appalachians uplifted N.A. Paleogeography Gulf Coast N. America in addition to S. America get evaporites (L. Tr) Form salt domes; no evaporites (L. Jr) Transgressive/regressive sea, i.e. shale, LS, s in addition to stone End of K transgressions K reefs common Western N.A. Paleography Permian arc like Japanese arc Subduction, get arc in addition to oceanic arc plastered to continent Produce Sonoma Orogeny Steep subduction (L. Tr) Oc-Cont convergence, i.e. S. America after orogeny Oc-Cont convergence control Meso in addition to Ceno tectonics Modern Circum-Pacific orogenic system born

Western N.A. Paleography Triassic Shallow – ss-sh-ls Regression followed Marginal marine & non-marine Red beds (L. Tr) Moenkopi (L. Tr) Shinarump Chinle (U. Tr) MS, tracks-streams, flood plains Local marine = ls Uncon as long as mably overlies Moenkopi Erosion of exposed AZ, CO, ID Sh, siltst, – petrified as long as est Ash provides silica Amphibians, small dinos Western North America Tectonic Evolution 2 opposite-dipping SZ Franciscan deposition – trench (M.–L. Jr) Up to 7000 m Greywacke, chert, sh, breccia Blueschist Western North America Franciscan Reconstruction of the depositional environment of the Franciscan Group

Western North America Tectonic Evolution Great Valley Group Shelf in addition to slope deposition Forearc basin Western North America Tectonic Evolution Cordilleran Orogeny Several phases Nevada Orogeny – huge batholiths (L. Jr-K) Sevier Orogeny – Pacific Plate subducted (K) Laramid Orogeny – anticlines & dunes (L. K) Western N.America Cause of Migration As subducting plate moved at a lower angle, the depth of melting moved to east

Western N.A. Paleogeography Jurassic & Cretaceous Jurassic Navajo SS, Zion Clean, x-bedded SS (M. Jr) Nevadan orogeny Cretaceous interior seaway Marine, Sundance Sea Stream, lake deposits Ms, sh = Morrison Dinos (Jr) Big inl in addition to sea – Gulf to Arctic Accelerated spreading Western North America Microplates >25% from accretion of microplates Material added to continents Different in fossils, stratigraphy, structure, paleomagnetism Formed elsewhere, transported along faults

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