Microwave properties of quasi-one-dimensional nanostructures



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Microwave properties of quasi-one-dimensional nanostructures

Augustana College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Recruitment in consideration of year 2005 Research Projects One-dimensional nanostructures have attracted considerable attention because of their novel physical properties in addition to potential applications in nanodevices. In this project, the use anodic alumina oxide (AAO) process in addition to pulsed laser ablation techniques so that fabricate nanowires of controlled length in addition to diameter alongside high aspect ratios as well as inorganic mesostructures alongside controlled size, shape, crystal structures, in addition to surface structures will be studied. The nanowire will be characterized by SEM, XRD ,AFM in addition to TEM. Techniques so that study the microwave properties of the fabricated nanowires will also be developed. Microwave properties of quasi-one-dimensional nanostructures Multiferroics are a family of materials in which ferroelectricity in addition to ferromagnetism occur in the same phase. This means that they have a spontaneous magnetization, which can be reoriented by an applied magnetic field in addition to a spontaneous polarization which can be oriented by an applied electric field. Perovskite BiFeO3 is ferroelectric (Tc 1103 K) in addition to antiferromagnetic (Tn : 643 K). The ability of multiferroics so that couple the magnetic in addition to electric polarization present opportunities in consideration of potential application in information storage, spintronics in addition to sensors. However, there are several issues so that be solved before multiferroics can become useful materials in consideration of devices. These include electrical leakage, small spontaneous polarization, inhomogeneous magnetic spin structure in addition to ferroelectric reliability. The objective of this project is so that address some of the above issues by impurities doping. The project will involve the design, synthesize in addition to characterization of single phase magnetic oxides that demonstrate sensitive responses so that electric field alone, magnetic field alone in addition to combinations of electric in addition to magnetic field. Study of multiferroic magnetic oxides

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