Mission Brief Air Force ISR Flight Plan – AF ISR Agency Activity Questions

Mission Brief Air Force ISR Flight Plan – AF ISR Agency Activity Questions www.phwiki.com

Mission Brief Air Force ISR Flight Plan – AF ISR Agency Activity Questions

Pearlman, Nancy, Executive Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Mission BriefUNCLASSIFIEDPaul N. TurnerAF ISR AgencyHAF/A2NASICWright-Patterson AFB, OH70th ISR WingFt. Meade, MD480th ISR WingLangley AFB, VAAFTACPatrick AFB, FLAir Force Cryptologic OfficeFt Meade, MDAir Force ISR AgencyLackl in addition to AFB, TX361st ISR GroupHurlburt Field, FLAir Force GEOINT OfficeBethesda, MDAir Force ISR AgencyUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDAFCO70 ISRW480 ISRWNASIC361 ISRG55 WGAF ISR AgencySCCAFGOAFGE AF ISR Agency/CC – Air Force Service Cryptologic Component AF ISR Agency/CC – Air Force Geospatial-Intelligence ElementUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDSCC & AFGE67 NWWHAFAF/A2AFIAA FOAAFTACACC12 AFAFSPC24 AF688 IOW

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AF ISR Agency Strategic Priorities Key TenetsBolster Global integrated ISR as long as ongoing Joint operationsDevelop & care as long as ISR professionals & their familiesTrans as long as m & optimize total as long as ce, multi-domain ISR as long as USAF, COCOMs & nation “Humans are more important than hardware”Surge ISR PED as long as OEFSt in addition to -up ISRG to support 24 AFAdvance DCGS weapons systemMature SOF ISREnhance Space ISRRecapitalize AF SIGINTDevelop & train ISR professionalsRecapitalize nuclear surveillanceGrow AF HUMINT capabilitiesImprove AF JWICS Objectives01 September 2009UNCLASSIFIEDAir Force ISR Flight Plan – AF ISR Agency Activity UNCLASSIFIEDAF ISR Flight Plan PurposeISR Flight PlanSteering “Strat-to-Task” process to drive ISR capabilities from strategy to requirements to funding. GlobalTrendsUltimate Output is the ISR portion of the AF POMSynchronizes Panels in addition to PEs required as long as executionUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIED

NSS NMSNDS QDRAF Master PlansISR Flight Plan Relationship to Corporate Planning SystemsNational Intel Strategy & RoadmapDefense IntelligenceStrategyJoint Capabilities Integration & Development System (JCIDS)AFROCAF Strategy/ Strategic PlanAF PlanningForceAnnual Planning& ProgrammingGuidanceProgram Objective Memor in addition to umBudget & ExecutionJROCNeedsAnalysisMaterielNon-MaterielSolutionsAnalysisISR Flight PlanAF ISR StrategyCRRACAF Master PlanGlobal Integrated-ISR AnnexUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDQRCISR Flight Plan Process Capability Based Planning as long as ISRStrategy-to-Task Look1) Assess Capability “health”2) Identify Tasks Across Missions3) Identify/Prioritize ISR TasksNeeds Identification4) Identify/Prioritize ISR Needs5) Identify/Prioritize ISR Gaps Solution Identification6) Identify DOTMLPF-P Solution Sets to Prioritized ISR Needs & Gaps Capturing Risks in addition to ImpactBalanced Portfolio7) Develop balanced ISR portfolio8) Assess “health” of Planned Global Integrated ISR EnterpriseAnnualCycleQRC is the primary means to support POM builds today in addition to through FY13 APOM NeedsAnalysisSolutionsAnalysisUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDNeeds Analysis ProcessIdentify ISR Tasks in addition to Requirements Derived from COCOM, JTF, JFCC, ODNI Documented Requirements & PrioritiesDevelop & Prioritize ISR NeedsIdentify ISR Capability Gaps & ShortfallsConsolidate & Prioritize ISR Capability GapsIdentify ISR Tasks & Requirements Develop ISR Needs as long as Near, Mid in addition to Far-TermsInclude Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) & Measures of Per as long as mance (MOP)Include Impact on Missions/TaskingsCompile Gaps to include missing in addition to limited capabilitiesWork with MAJCOM Staffs, Flight Plan Needs Panel, Flight Plan Board in addition to Flight Plan Council as long as final gap prioritizationGroup like gaps into highest priority focus areas (AF ISR Blue Slides)UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIED

Deliverables of FPNP Needs AnalysisISR Task ListConsolidated Task List ISR NeedsMeasures of Effectiveness & Measures of Per as long as manceConsolidated List (Class)Database Entries as long as EachISR GapsPrioritized based on Strategy/GuidanceConsolidated List (Class)Database Entries as long as EachISR Focus AreasHigh Priority Gaps (<10) as long as Requirements Deep Dives in addition to Solutions DevelopmentISR QRCsHigh Priority Gaps (<10) as long as Requirements Deep Dives in addition to Solutions DevelopmentISR Capabilities Modernization & Sustainment PrioritiesLifecycle ManagementISR “Quick Kills”Gaps That Can Be Resolved with Minimal Ef as long as tISR Needs as long as Other Joint Capability AreasUS Gov’t & DoD VisibilityIndustry & Academia Visibility1354 Tasks44,000+ Points of In as long as mation262 Gaps19 Focus Areas (AF ISR Blue Slides) GMTI Deep Dive Space Deep Dive Global Strike Tiger Team PED Deep Dive Cyber Solutions Working Group Targeting Solutions Working GroupUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDAF ISR Blue Slides (Focus Areas)Detect, Track And Combat ID Airborne TargetsIntegrated Collection ManagementSupport To Threat WarningCollecting In The Cyber DomainData Management And DisseminationTarget And Aimpoint DevelopmentData FusionThreat Data And ModelsIdentify/Track And Target IedsSIGINT Collection SensorsDetect, Track And ID People And Objects In Densely Populated AreasLong-range Or Penetrating SensorsCyber Collection And ExploitationElectronic Order Of BattleSupport To Combat IDDetecting Directed Energy Weapon EventsDissemination Of ISR In as long as mation And DataOperational Picture IssuesThreat And Terrain AnalysisUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDSolutions Analysis ProcessIdentify appropriate gapsIdentify contributing factors across DOTmLPF Identify possible solutions as long as contributing factors across DOTmLPF Assign OPR/OCRsDevelop Plans of Action in addition to MilestonesKeep close coordination with Materiel Solutions DevelopmentIdentify needs as long as Materiel SolutionsQuantify materiel solution impactsNon-Materiel Solutions Development (AF ISR Agency led)Materiel Solutions Development (AFMC led)Work with AFMC to support Development Planning (DP) processUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIED USD(I): “A Home-Run”SECAF: “Though a work in progress, this will be a useful tool that will help us ensure ISR is prioritized in addition to right-sized” COMACC: “Keeping needs of Warfighter is key as long as existing requirements & supporting acquisition of new capabilities”AFSPC/CC: “Integration of A2 Flight Plan into my own staffs processes is a major step in the future definition of our space capability”AFSOC/CV: “We fully support this normalized process”AMC/CV: “Applaud the ef as long as t, probably about 4-5 years over due”AETC/CV: “Ambitious plan, but much needed”AFMC/CC: “Main idea in capability based assessment is looking at ‘system of systems’, there as long as e all aspects of capability, plat as long as m, manpower, processing in addition to dissemination are addressed”USAFE/CV: “I applaud this comprehensive ISR vision”FEEDBACKUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDQuestionsUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIED Pearlman, Nancy Educational Communications Inc. Executive Producer www.phwiki.com

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