Modernising Nursing Careers Delivering the Vision Nursing today We have set the stage October 08 Pre Registration – Progress in addition to Issues

Modernising Nursing Careers Delivering the Vision Nursing today We have set the stage October 08 Pre Registration - Progress in addition to Issues

Modernising Nursing Careers Delivering the Vision Nursing today We have set the stage October 08 Pre Registration – Progress in addition to Issues

Whittington, Lewis, Contributing Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Modernising Nursing Careers Delivering the Vision Pauline Watts – Project Director (DH) Global challenges as long as healthcare in addition to society Ever higher expectations Advances in treatments Dem in addition to driven by ageing Changing NHS in addition to Social Care workplaces Health in an in as long as mation age Changing nature of disease NHS Next Stage Review A High Quality Work as long as ce NHS Constitution “ ambitions as long as the work as long as ce can hardly be faulted ” Will Hutton CEO, The Work Foundation Work as long as ce – to enable local vision ‘ Change – locally-led, patient-centred in addition to clinically driven .’

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We are on a journey Coming from Going to Hospital based care Single point of entry NHS as employer Advanced skills not defined Role dictated by title Hierarchically managed Outdated image Community-centred Multiple entry points Alternative employers/models St in addition to ardisation of advanced skills Needs of patients Self-directed, multi-professional Opportunity in addition to diversity Modern careers Nursing today Requires an intricate interplay between fundamental care in addition to high-level technical competence, bio-medical knowledge in addition to decision-making skills in addition to the ability to develop therapeutic relationships based on compassion in addition to holistic in addition to intelligent care. We have set the stage October 08 Four Country Approach Role, Image & Recruitment Degree level registration Preceptorship Career Pathways Career Framework Advanced Practice Clinical Academic & Educator Careers Skills Passport Metrics Midwifery Careers Trans as long as ming Community Services Action on Health Visiting New Horizons

Changing health care Need as long as Independent practitioners Higher levels of decision making Autonomous Practitioners Leading in addition to developing services from start of career NMC review NMC announced principle of new programmes (including degree level) in 2008 New pre-registration st in addition to ards in Sept. 2010 Programmes from 2011 onwards Emerging trends Increasing numbers of pre-registration programmes are at degree level (25% commissions in Engl in addition to – ranges 10% – 40%) At least 30% of existing registered nurses have a degree or above Transition timetable HEI’s to have new programmes implemented by 2013. Scotl in addition to , Wales in addition to NI have or are making the shift (but fewer HEIs/commissions) Introduction of new Pre-registration Education St in addition to ards as long as Nursing Pre Registration – Progress in addition to Issues NMC have agreed the Principles of the new st in addition to ards Degree registration 3 years 2 progression points Generic in addition to field specific competencies 50% clinical practice Changes to student support arrangements: consultation: in addition to training/DH -097475 Practice placements, focus on Community Teaching Learning in addition to Assessment Framework Assessment in addition to support needs State of Readiness assurance tool Preceptorship Framework ‘A period of transition as long as newly registered nurses during which time they will be supported by a preceptor to develop their confidence as autonomous professionals, refine skills, values in addition to behaviours in addition to continue their journey of life-long learning’ Context: Policy Drivers Modernising nursing careers Next stage review Associated Policies Confidence in caring NHS constitution Agenda as long as change NMC – potential regulatory requirement by April 2010

Preceptorship Framework Purpose: to act as guidance in addition to a resource as long as the organisations who employ newly registered nurses, including non-NHS sector by providing a structured approach that facilitates transition from student to fully autonomous professional, equipping nurses with the skills & confidence required at the beginning of their career to facilitate equity of access to preceptorship in addition to st in addition to ardised content of preceptorship, value as long as money in addition to benefits realisation Nurses then powerfully placed to deliver high quality care, promote health in addition to wellbeing in healthcare settings in addition to patients’ homes Aid recruitment in addition to retention in addition to contribute to reducing variability in practice in addition to the improving the image of nursing Preceptorship Framework Framework document structure: Background Definitions – what preceptorship is in addition to is not The elements of preceptorship Benefits Sets out a preceptorship st in addition to ard Guidance on implementing preceptorship Design, content & outputs Benchmarking current practice Ensuring equality Outcome measures: realising the benefits Sets out how we expect preceptorship to be delivered through pledges. Copies can be found on the DH Website Preceptorship Framework Next steps: Invite feedback through online survey: http://survey.westmidl in addition to Survey closed 14th January 2010 Update following feedback in addition to adapt to include AHPs, Midwives in addition to SCPHNs Revised framework published Spring 2010

Nursing Career Framework Mapping the Nursing Career Framework Taking as long as ward consultation recommendations on the post-registration framework Modelled the framework across a number of pathways: Health Visiting (Children & Families) Ill & Disabled Child Learning Disabilities Cancer Nursing Collaborative approach with SHAs, HEIs, providers, professional organisations/other key stakeholders Incorporated concepts of: Practitioner Partner & Leader Graphic map to support Career Framework model will be published in November Integration into quality road map (to be published in November) E-tool to be developed with good practice guide (Spring 2010) Aligned with rest of the UK & NHS Career framework Our final visual design as long as the Nursing Careers Framework

Next steps We want to familiarise people with the image in addition to test it’s appeal PDFs of the posters are available on CNO website as long as downloading locally Feedback in addition to comments to be sent to: We want to use it to update the image of nursing we will work with NHS Employers, NHS Careers, Universities in addition to others to build it into marketing in addition to recruitment We want teams, groups, organisations in addition to communities to use it We will develop it into an interactive tool which can be added to, individually populated in addition to developed as long as work as long as ce in addition to service planning, curriculum development, career planning Skills Passport DH Engl in addition to working with Skills as long as Health (on behalf UK MNC Coalition) to develop the Skills Passport as long as nursing The Skills Passport is to be piloted in Nursing first but could be rolled out as long as the whole Health sector – AHPs particularly interested ‘ Purple Passport’ developing the product Time frame: July to Aug. ’09 Co-produce skills passport Oct to Dec ’09 Pilot & refine Jan to March ’10 Final Training package & skills passport agreed, Evaluation, Learning event Marketing Nursing as a Career: Enhancing the Image of Nursing Role, Recruitment & Image Develop a role profile of an ‘ideal’ Registered Nurse Values, skills, attributes, behaviours Underst in addition to what will attract the right people with the right values into the profession Underst in addition to what the patients want Work in co-production with stakeholders, identifying recruitment / retention best practice e.g. CoDs, NHS Employers Market Nursing from inside out Develop a Marketing campaign as long as Nursing to coincide with the Commission report Aim: Enhanced recruitment of undergraduate nurses Reduced attrition rates Increased conversion rates Enhanced recruitment of qualified nurse to difficult areas e.g. LD, MH & HV Improved retention rates Enhanced image of Nursing

“Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors” Jonas Salk American Microbiologist 1914-1995 CONCLUSION Modernising Nursing Careers will enable nurses to: Be increasingly independent & innovative, exercising higher levels of decision making Assess in addition to apply effective, evidence-based care safely Lead in addition to develop services, working across service boundaries Deliver high quality healthcare within a complex health environment Modernising Nursing Careers enables nurses to contribute towards the changing healthcare environment in a flexible & innovative way Modernising Nursing Careers allows Nursing to be explicit about its contribution to healthcare by: Allowing practitioners in addition to teams to measure the impact, outcomes in addition to experience they have on patients Allows change to happen locally as long as improved quality Gives leaders at the top tables a voice to promote the value, scope in addition to impact of the care of nurses in addition to midwives from the Point of Care to the Board THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE QUESTIONS We are happy to come in addition to talk to individual health economies / organisations. Please contact:

Whittington, Lewis Contributing Writer

Whittington, Lewis Contributing Writer

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