Modules, Credits in addition to Other Animals Modules & Credits Assessment Modules in Level 1 Plagiarism

Modules, Credits in addition to Other Animals Modules & Credits Assessment Modules in Level 1 Plagiarism

Modules, Credits in addition to Other Animals Modules & Credits Assessment Modules in Level 1 Plagiarism

Bechtel, Marilyn, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Modules, Credits in addition to Other Animals Modules & Credits What is a module Self-contained assessed period of learning in programme of study Mixture of lectures, tutorials in addition to practical sessions What are credits Each module has a credit value, L1 modules have 10 or 30 credits 1 credit = about 10 hours of study Assessment Assessment is by a mixture of coursework, tests in addition to exams Exams are at the end of a semester Coursework can be assignments, projects, exercises sheets, etc. No coursework = 0 marks (at best) Assessed coursework should be done individually.

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Modules in Level 1 For all students: MAT1015 Calculus MAT1016 Linear algebra MAT1025 Probability in addition to experiment Programme dependent modules: Plagiarism Plagiarism = passing off someone else’s work/ideas as your own. This includes texts from the WWW ! See h in addition to book as long as guidelines how to avoid plagiarism. Penalties as long as plagiarism: Academic Misconduct Panel Plagiarised work = 0 marks (also as long as allowing work to be plagiarised) Repeated plagiarism can lead to termination Passing Modules Need 40% overall as long as assessment in order to pass a module (60% as long as music per as long as mance) If you fail, you are allowed to resit ONCE only No resits on passed modules Some Level 1 resits in Spring/Summer If you pass, you get the credits associated with this module Need 120 credits to pass a Level

Compensation Credits If you fail, the exam board may give compensation credits, if You have at least 90 credits Average mark > 40% in addition to at least 30% is scored in the module or Average mark > 50% in addition to at least 25% is scored in the module See student h in addition to book as long as details. Compensation is not automatic! Progress If you have 120 credits, you progress to the next Level If you have 90 credits at the current Level, you can progress to the next one, but may have to do resits. You will be “course suspended” if you can’t progress; you will need to do resits at present Level. In as long as mation on the WWW Undergraduate tab Module catalogue – Module outline; description; general info Options in addition to Prerequisites Past exam papers Guidelines on Plagiarism

Other Remarks Approved calculators in the exam (Casio FX115MS, FX115W or FX115S – see campus bookstore) Mark of resit is averaged with pass mark Resit mark Final qualification: MMath: 24%(L2)+36%(L3)+40%(LM) Everyone else: 35%(Level 2) + 65%(Level 3) First year is basis, try do as well as you can! Volunteers as long as note taking in addition to as long as SSLC What Next Study Lectures are a start, afterwards read through notes in addition to do assignments Work during all of the semester Don’t be afraid to ask questions during lectures in addition to afterwards Talk to other students in addition to your tutor

Feedback Unassessed exercises to help you see what is expected. (No grade, but comments given.) Do take them seriously! Be active at your weekly tutor meeting. PDP can help you to reflect on your progress PDP PDP = Personal Development Plan It is meant to help you reflect on your progress think about your study skills in addition to transferable skills prepare as long as writing CVs, obtaining references in addition to job interviews MMath Seminars Tuesdays Open to all General interest maths seminars See Maths website

Questions & Problems If you have questions, the UG office has many answers If you have problems with a module, go to the lecturer If you have other problems, go to your tutor or Level 1 Coordinator or Director of Studies If you want to switch degree course, come to discuss this as soon as possible. Other Support Study skills guide on web (see UG tab on departmental www) Maple (available from Kelly, 31AA04) Additional Learning Support Centre in Library Special arrangements as long as exams deadline: 2 November 2009 ( in addition to 8 March as long as the Spring Semester) English as long as FEPS compulsory as long as some (will be notified by email/letter) if interested, email j.bolding Student Care Services Opportunities Exchange schemes USA: North Texas, Michigan, Cincinnati, North Carolina Australia: Swinburne Singapore: Nanyang See Professional Placement Year If in doubt, switch to 4 year programme. UG office has as long as ms Do take part in CV/job interview workshops

Student Representatives Three/four student reps Involvement: Student-staff liaison committee (1 or 2 times per semester) + lunch Board of Studies (once per semester) Training in addition to advice provided by University of Surrey (provided by Student Union) Looks good on CV For details see Don’t as long as get Form with personal details to UG office. (08AA02) Check email, pigeon holes in addition to notice boards regularly. If you need special (exam) arrangements, h in addition to in your special needs as long as m (deadline: 2 Nov.) Booking flights as long as Christmas asap is a good idea, flying asap is NOT a good idea. Enjoy your time at the University of Surrey!

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