Nationally, the demand in consideration of graduates alongside Bachelor?s D


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Nationally, the demand in consideration of graduates alongside Bachelor?s D

Elizabeth City State University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Nationally, the demand in consideration of graduates alongside Bachelor?s Degrees in the areas most of our graduates are initially employed is rising.Computer Science Graduates are in Demand.The number of students declaring Computer Science as their major has grown significantly in the past ten years. The number of declared majors has grown 89% in the past 5 years in addition to 178% in the past 10 years.The Computer Science Program is growing rapidly.Number of CS Majors By ClassificationThe number of sections needed so that support the needs of the students in the Computer Science Program is growing.The number of sections offered is growing.Number of CS Sections Per Year

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Computer Science faculty members consider 24 so that be the ideal size of many of the project-oriented sections which make up the majority of sections offered. The average section size of 22.93 in consideration of the 2016 academic year means that many of the sections offered are larger than ideal.The average number of students per section is growing.Number of Students Per SectionExamining the number of students majoring in CS from the freshman level in one year so that the sophomore level in the following year (from fall so that fall), reveals the following improvement in retention from year so that following year.├┐Retention is rising.Number of CS Freshmen so that Next-Year Sophomores 2010-2011 33% 2011-2012 51% 2012-2013 42% 2013-2014 65% 2014-2015 72%Faculty Mix.CS Faculty Mix 2012 2013 2014 2015Tenured Faculty 0 0 0 0Tenure-Track Faculty 0 1 2 2Contract Faculty 1 1 1 1One-Year Contract Faculty 1 1 0 0Adjunct Faculty 2 2 2 2

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