NATURE OF PERSUASION We are surrounded by persuasion Obvious or intentional pers

NATURE OF PERSUASION We are surrounded by persuasion Obvious or intentional pers

NATURE OF PERSUASION We are surrounded by persuasion Obvious or intentional pers

Silverstein, Lou, General Manager has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal NATURE OF PERSUASION We are surrounded by persuasion Obvious or intentional persuasion Nonobvious or accidental influence Persuasion is an “art” in addition to a science People can be stubborn, unpredictable Even the most well-funded, well-designed persuasive campaigns may fail PERVASIVENESS OF PERSUASION Advertising spending is expected to increase in 2010 to $162 billion per year. (Magna, 2009) The average person is exposed to 300-400 persuasive messages per day from the media alone (Rosseli, Skelly, & Mackie, 1995) The average person is exposed to 300-1500 advertising messages per day (Jones, 2004) The average person watches 1,000 commercials per week (Berger, 2004) An average of $800 per person is spent on advertising in the U.S. each year (Berger, 2004) Image courtesy of VARIETIES OF PERSUASION Anti-war persuasion: Getting naked as long as peace Billboards Celebrity endorsers Infomercials Logos, insignia TV commercials Merch in addition to ising Print ads Product placement Spam, pop-up ads Sponsorship Telemarketing Social media

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THE POSITIVE SIDE OF PERSUASION Persuasion is not a dirty word Persuasion is a powerful, positive social as long as ce Persuasion is necessary, essential to human interaction Persuasion is our friend Essential to public health awareness campaigns Crucial as long as charities, philanthropic organizations Useful as long as motivating in addition to inspiring people PERVASIVENESS OF PERSUASION Buzz marketing illustrates the pervasiveness of persuasion In addition to traditional media, persuasion relies on: Viral marketing Word of mouth marketing (WOM) Social media marketing PERVASIVENESS OF PERSUASION Persuasion in the Sciences Scientists are actively involved in persuasion Over theories in addition to paradigms Over methodologies in addition to research findings Over grants in addition to funding Persuasion in the Arts Artists seek to shape public opinion in in addition to through their work Picasso’s Guernica (1937) offers a moral indictment of war Movies can change attitudes, alter beliefs, increase awareness

PERVASIVENESS OF PERSUASION Nonobvious Contexts as long as Persuasion Bumper stickers 12 step programs Intercessory prayer (3rd party) Plays in addition to musicals Panh in addition to ling This homeless person is using humor/satire as a panh in addition to ling strategy (photo by John Seiter) PERVASIVENESS OF PERSUASION Weird Persuasion Dish Texas in addition to buzz marketing William Shatner’s kidney on eBay Acne lights to deter teen loitering Barry Manilow music to deter loitering PERVASIVENESS OF PERSUASION Persuasion in interpersonal contexts Most influence attempts occur in the interpersonal arena Persuasion is most effective in face-to-face contexts Less obvious or overt Harder to say “No” in person Easier to analyze, adapt to one’s audience

THE INSTRUMENTAL FUNCTION OF PERSUASION Improving one’s own persuasive abilities The ability to persuade is a as long as m of communication competence Communication competence requires effectiveness in addition to appropriateness Like any skill-set, persuasive skills can be improved through training in addition to practice THE KNOWLEDGE FUNCTION Gaining a better underst in addition to ing of how persuasion works Overcoming habitual persuasion: Individuals are often unaware of their own habitual, reflexive patterns of persuasion. THE DEFENSIVE FUNCTION Becoming a more savvy, discerning consumer of persuasive messages Being less likely to succumb to high pressure sales tactics Exposing unethical strategies in addition to tactics

THE DEBUNKING FUNCTION Dispelling folk-wisdom, false stereotypes, in addition to “common-sense” misconceptions about persuasion gaze avoidance is not a reliable sign of deception Subliminal influence is not effective Learning about non-obvious, counter-intuitive research findings The “logic” versus “emotion” distinction represents a false dichotomy ETHICAL CONCERNS The study of persuasion is fraught with ethical concerns. Little of the good in the world could be accomplished without persuasion. Not studying persuasion, won’t make persuasion go away. People who claim that persuasion is manipulative are themselves taking a persuasive stance.

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