Non-Monetary Settlement New Requirements in addition to Procedures


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Non-Monetary Settlement New Requirements in addition to Procedures

City University of New York, Hunter College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, New Requirements in addition to Procedures Postdoc Benefits TrainingMelanie Hoven, Graduate DivisionMayra Magana, BenefitsStaci Richards, Employee in addition to Labor RelationsCindy Doherty, Academic Personnel 1Non-Monetary SettlementAgreed Upon language in consideration of appointment lettersConsistent in addition to accurate benefits information in consideration of Postdocs:Offer lettersAppointment lettersWebsites (campus-wide or departmental)Use of Appendix A ? 2014 Benefits Chart in addition to CostsAppointment lettersInitial hire paperworkConsequences of UC providing misinformationUC will seek so that enroll the Postdoc and/or dependents late IF:The Postdoc never received a form explaining the consequences of the decision not so that enrollThe signed form exists but cannot be produced as evidence of the informed decision.Importance of NotificationPostdocs must make a decision about enrolling in benefits the first 31 days of employment.If the Postdoc fails so that sign up, the University must have the Postdoc sign the OPT OUT portion of the form in addition to keep it on file.If the Postdoc is informed in addition to opts out or does not sign up, then s/he subsequently wants so that do so, there is a 90 day waiting period in consideration of medical plan coverage.Postdocs may also enroll during Open Enrollment in the Fall, alongside coverage beginning the following January.

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Benefits ProcessPostdoc gets offer from UCDirect so that Garnett Powers websiteAppointment LetterContains benefits language specific so that Paid Directs or Fellows in addition to a copy of 2014 Appendix A.Initial Hiring PaperworkInclude Appendix AEnrollment Form explaining options31 day in consideration of PIEPostdoc signs up in consideration of benefitsPostdoc fills out OPT OUT portion of enrollment formProperly informed PostdocAppointment LettersPostdoctoral Fellows (Title Code 3253s)Include mandated language regarding BenefitsInclude language noting the following:?The University may deduct the cost of health benefits from funding provided so that the University in the grant. Notice of such deduction will be provided no later than 30 days prior so that the deduction. You will have the right so that request in addition to receive a copy of your budget from your Principal Investigator or Research Administrator.?Appointment LettersPostdoctoral Paid Directs (Title Code 3254s)Include mandated languageInclude language noting the following:?The University may deduct the cost of health benefits from funding provided so that the University directly from the funding agency or shall bill the postdoc directly, if allowed by the funding agency. Notice of such deduction or billing will be provided no later than 30 days prior so that the deduction or billing. You will have the right so that request in addition to receive a copy of your budget from your Principal Investigator or Research Administrator.?Sample Letters

Appendix AWho Pays in consideration of the BenefitsThe department pays in consideration of the benefits. Unless it is clearly noted on the external funding agency letter that the benefits are being provided in addition to the amount is separate from the salary. There is a letter that the external funding agency can sign so that show the intention of the distribution of funds if its not clear in the letter.8Institutional AllowancesCommonly, Postdoc Fellows will be provided alongside funding in consideration of miscellaneous expenses.BenefitsTravelMovingSuch funding may be charged in consideration of the University?s share of benefits costs, if allowable under the rules of fellowship in addition to granting agency.Key Issue: Postdoc is entitled so that notice of such a deduction in addition to so that receive an accounting of expenses.Paid Directs may also have funding equivalent so that an institutional allowance. If they do, these provisions apply so that them as well.

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Deductions so that Institutional Allowance (applies so that Fellows in addition to some Paid Directs)NoticeProvide 30 days notice so that the Postdoc Fellow prior so that the deductionRetroactive deductions are acceptable, provided there is appropriate notice in addition to a reasonable basis in consideration of the retroactive adjustment.Include who Postdoc should contact (PI, research administrator, lab manager, or other) so that request in addition to receive a copy of fellowship budgetSample NoticeTo: Polly PostdocFrom: Roger ResearchCC: Principal InvestigatorSubject: Institutional Allowance Deductions_______________________________________________________Dear Dr. Postdoc:Welcome Aboard! Beginning September 1, 2014, the Department will deduct $472.65 each month from your institutional allowance so that cover the University?s portion of your Health Net HMO benefit. If you want so that review the budget or receive an accounting of your institutional allowance, you may request a copy through me at any time.RogerPostdoc Benefit Eligibility Initial Appointment RequirementsUC-UAW Agreement requires initial appointments so that be at least 1 year (Article 2) at 100% time, unless exceptional circumstances (Article 24).Minimum Benefits EligibilityPostdoctoral Scholar must be appointed at least three months at 100% time or 50%-99% time in consideration of at least 12 months or more.Continuing RequirementsPostdoctoral Scholar ? Employees are required so that maintain an average regular paid time of at least 17.5 hours per week (43.75%).Postdoctoral Scholar ? Fellows in addition to Paid Directs are required so that maintain an appointment at a minimum of 43.75% time.12

Family Member EligibilityAdult:SpouseSame-sex domestic partner Opposite-sex domestic partner (per AB205) ? If one partner is over age 62 in addition to Social Security eligible.Children:Natural/Adopted up so that age 26Step child/domestic partner?s childGrandchild or step-grandchild/domestic partner?s grandchildLegal wardOverage disabled childNote: When two family members are employed through the UC, duplicate coverage is not allowed.The major family member categories are the following:13The Enrollment ProcessThe Postdoc should go so that the Garnett-Powers & Associates (GPA) website at garnett-powers /postdoc in addition to click on the ?Enrollment? link. By clicking on this link the postdoc will be asked a series of questions that will determine which of two methods they will use so that enroll in the PSBP. Postdocs must do this within 31 days of their hire date.If they answer ?yes? so that one of the questions it will bring them so that the ?Enrollment Page?. Once they have completed the enrollment form, they need so that sign it, date it in addition to turn it into their UC department administrator in consideration of processing. Postdocs should always keep a copy in consideration of their own records as well. It may take up so that 6 weeks in consideration of the information so that reach the carriers. If the postdoc needs so that seek services during this time, they can contact Garnett-Powers & Associates. Again, postdocs have 31 days from their hire date or qualifying event (such as a marriage or a birth) in order so that enroll in the PSBP.14The Enrollment Process, cont.Administrators should require Postdocs who are opting not so that enroll in the plan so that complete section 3a of the enrollment form so that acknowledge they were informed of PSBP in addition to chose not so that enroll.If the postdoc answered ?no? so that the questions that are asked, they can use the UCnet website so that enroll.15


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