Objectives Laying House PM Dust Measuring Strategies

Objectives Laying House PM Dust Measuring Strategies www.phwiki.com

Objectives Laying House PM Dust Measuring Strategies

Komando, Kim, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Quality Assured Measurements of Animal Building Emissions: Part 2. Particulate Matter Concentrations Albert Heber; Teng Lim; John Gallien, Ji-Qin Ni; Pei-Chun Tao Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Larry Jacobson University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN Jacek Koziel Texas A&M University, Amarillo, TX Steven Hoff Iowa State University, Ames, IA Yuanhui Zhang University of Illinois, Urbana, IL Jerry Baughman North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC Objectives Describe use of TEOM in livestock buildings to measure TSP, PM10 in addition to PM2.5. Discuss QAQC Show some preliminary data collected this year Laying House PM

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Dust Measuring Strategies Determine temporal variation (Hinze et al., 1998) Semi-continuous mass monitor Representative exhaust fan (minimum winter) Calibrate with FRM Determine spatial variation (Wang et al., 1999) Multi-point gravimetric filter sampling Multiple exhausts plus ambient Calibrate with FRM

TEOM flow schematic TEOM record in a pig house (Hinz et al., 1998) PM Monitoring Schematic

Raceway Contains Vacuum Lines TEOM PM10

System Calibration Flow controller calibration (software) Mass flow controller calibration (hardware) Analog calibration Mass transducer verification Flow audit procedure Ambient temperature calibration Barometric pressure calibration TEOM Maintenance Filter replacement PM-10 inlet cleaning Replacing large bypass in-line filter Replacing flow controller filters Cleaning air inlet system Leak testing Changing TEOM Filter

Loaded TEOM Filter “Feathered” Bug Screen Plugged Bug Screen

PM10 Inlet Body Large Particles Collected Collocated TEOMS, FRM Fan inlet External screen PM10 inlet Cabinet Wedding PM10

Collocated PM10 Measurements 24-h at laying house exhaust Anticipatory Feeding Four Collocated TEOMs in laying house exhaust (4/3/02) TSP vs. PM10 in Laying House Exhaust Air (5/2/02)

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Collocated PM2.5, PM10, TSP at laying house Effect of Filter Loading Humidity Effect Lagoon Tunnel-ventilated finishing houses with flushing Oil sprinkled building

Oil Sprinkling Oil pressure

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