Objectives of Session Problem-Based Learning Principles of Problem-Based Learning PBL In the Classroom Procedures Manual Assignment

Objectives of Session Problem-Based Learning Principles of Problem-Based Learning PBL In the Classroom Procedures Manual Assignment www.phwiki.com

Objectives of Session Problem-Based Learning Principles of Problem-Based Learning PBL In the Classroom Procedures Manual Assignment

McCracken, Harry, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Facilitating Problem-Based Learning in addition to Collaborative Methods in the ClassroomRyan Hedstrom Ph.D.Jeff Beer ATCManchester UniversityObjectives of SessionDiscuss principles of Problem-Based Learning (PBL)Discuss PBL application in procedures manual assignmentDiscuss lessons learned with facilitating PBL Brainstorm PBL strategies across disciplinesProblem-Based Learning

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Principles of Problem-Based LearningStudent-Centered & ExperientialInductiveBuilds on/challenges earlier learningContext SpecificProblems are complex/ambiguousCollaborative & InterdependentProblem-Based Learning Faculty InstitutePBL In the ClassroomEngagement in real problemCombination of problem-solving in addition to professional practiceIs collaborative between students, faculty, in addition to other stakeholdersEmulates real-world work structureProcedures Manual AssignmentManchester University, ESS 410: Administration of Health & Physical Activity Programs

Scope of Procedures Manual Assignment: Beercollaboration of ideas in addition to create a template as long as a policies in addition to procedures manuala chance to research in addition to determine P & P manual contentencourage communication between students in addition to students with other institutions. encourage leadership in addition to direction within PBLScope of Procedures Manual Assignment: HedstromA key focus in this class is the development of a procedure manual. This assignment allows you to apply all the facets of administration discussed in class into a tangible product. You will be graded both individually in addition to as a group as long as this assignment. This assignment will take:Cooperative in addition to collaborative work with a small groupResearch of effective policies in addition to procedures by organizationsProblem solving Attention to detailAssignment Logistics: Beer4 groups of 3 students: initial meeting to collaborate on what they wanted to put into the manualproject divided any way they felt necessary but it had to be evenly (Outline to Professor)Recreate as long as msContact other institutions as long as info or ideascheck in dates to show significant progress throughout so the manual.

Assignment Logistics: BeerContent determined by the students’ researchcopyright issues with the recreating of as long as msMeant as long as University setting such as ManchesterEvery as long as m created by a student must contain their initials at the bottom with the pageResource page: identifies school websites used, phone calls made in addition to communication with othersTable of Contents: states where they obtained each as long as m (10 different schools must be represented)Assignment Logistics: BeerHalfway: 4 became 2 groupsInitial groups at different stages when combinedHow would they react with more individualsPeer evaluations now on more individuals2 groups now work toward 1 manualWhat do we keep, get rid of, change, or chooseObjective: Create 2 really good working P & P manuals Assignment Logistics: HedstromDrafting Process (Continual feedback)10/11: Overview of Organization, Mission Statement10/18: Human Resources, Staff Positions, Employment Policies, Evaluation Plan10/25: Facilities Policies & Concerns11/1: Examples of Marketing Ef as long as ts, Public Relations Policies11/8: Budget, Financial Policies11/20: Risk Management Plan & Policies11/29: Final Manual Due (includes all references)

Group Collaboration: BeerMeet physically once a week as long as collaboration as well as some other as long as m of social media at least twice a monthUpdates of collaboration were to be reported no later than the last day of the month (Sept, Oct, in addition to November)Groups split in addition to collaborate in both phasesGroup Collaboration: HedstromStated in assignment h in addition to out, “All group members will be part of this project; everyone will participate!”Group Member Evaluations after each draft were submittedSome class time was used as long as group collaboration. I think this is important!Assessment: BeerProcedural ManualOverall neatness in addition to alignment a huge componentFlow of in as long as mation in addition to fontWhether all resources were utilizedOriginal work (double checked from resource page in addition to table of contents)Distribution of workPeer Evaluations & FeedbackWhether regular updates were given to professorPeer evaluations done at the end of each week on each group member (this procedure helps individualize grades)

Assessment: HedstromOne copy of the procedures manual submitted later in the semester but group was graded on drafts in addition to a steady work schedule. Further, each group member was evaluated throughout the semester by group members. Grades were divided into:1. Final Manual Submission (same as long as all members)2. Drafts & Work Schedule (same as long as all members unless issues arise)3. Periodic Member Grades (different as long as each member, the main difference in grades)Lessons Learned & Future of ProjectPeer EvaluationsDraft RubricsCategory SpecificityUse of professional modelsGroup Collaboration EvidenceStudent Feedback from Students Regarding PBLOther PBL TechniquesProfessional ScenariosTechnology use

Ways that you use PBL in your classroomContact Us!Ryan Hedstromrahedstrom@manchester.eduJeff Beerjabeer@manchester.edu

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