October 22, 2015 The Office of Admissions Presented by Maritza Solano Admissions

October 22, 2015 The Office of Admissions Presented by Maritza Solano Admissions www.phwiki.com

October 22, 2015 The Office of Admissions Presented by Maritza Solano Admissions

Womack, Lauren, On-Air Personality;News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal October 22, 2015 The Office of Admissions Presented by Maritza Solano Admissions Evaluator Lead Admissions 101 as long as New Community College Counselors Overview CSUMentor Application Filing Period Campus Notices Transfer Admissions Criteria Checklist GE Certification STAR Act Intent to Enroll Appeals Reminders Contact Us Questions in addition to Answers Source: http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/ CSUMentor – Application Filing Period https://secure.csumentor.edu/Filing-Status/

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CSUMentor – Campus Notices https://secure.csumentor.edu/Filing-Status/ Transfer Students (Upper Division) Criteria 1. To qualify as long as admission as an upper division transfer, applicants must complete 60 transferable semester units or 90 quarter units. 2. Applicants must also complete the “Golden Four” (see below) with a C or better in addition to have completed at least 30 semester units of general education courses, graded C or better in each course. 3 semester units in written communication, 3 semester units in oral communication, 3 semester units in critical thinking, AND 3 semester units in mathematics/quantitative reasoning Source: http://www.calstate.edu/sas/publications/documents/AdmissionH in addition to book.pdf Transfer Students (Upper Division) Criteria (continued) 3. Acquire a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better in all transferable college units attempted. 4. Is in good st in addition to ing at the last college or university attended (i.e. eligible to re–enroll at that college or university). Source: http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/transfer-students/admission-requirements/index

Transfer Application Checklist Source: http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/transfer-students/application-checklist/index Important Dates http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/transfer-students/important-dates/index GE Certification Community college certification does not guarantee that all CSU campus admission requirements have been met. Our campus will not take courses that are not approved to meet a certain area. For Example: ECON 209 is not an approved course to satisfy area B4 according to the CSULA School Catalog. It is our campus responsibility to verify certain courses in fact can be used as long as certain areas especially the Golden Four. EO 1065 states that a participating institution may certify completion of courses or examinations taken at other eligible institutions, provided that all such courses in addition to examinations would be identified as long as certification purposes by the institution offering them.

BSN Applicants (EO 1084) http://www.calstate.edu/eo/eo-1084.html Transfer Associate Degree: A Pathway to the CSU Degree (Senate Bill No. 1440) Associate in Arts as long as transfer (AA-T) or Associate in Science as long as transfer (AS-T) as long as Cali as long as nia Community College students are designed to provide a clear pathway to the Cali as long as nia State University (CSU). Cali as long as nia Community College students who are awarded a transfer associate (AA-T/AS-T) degree in addition to meet the CSU minimum admission requirements are guaranteed admission with junior st in addition to ing (minimum 60 semester units) in addition to are given priority admission consideration. Once admitted, the student will only be required to complete 60 additional prescribed units to qualify as long as the similar baccalaureate’s degree. Source: http://www.calstate.edu/sas/publications/documents/AdmissionH in addition to book.pdf Transfer Associate Degree: A Pathway to the CSU Degree (Senate Bill No. 1440) SB-1440 students must verify the transfer degree in order to qualify as long as the guarantee, must have the same major, in addition to must meet all deadlines. There are no exceptions. Visit: www.adegreewithaguarantee.com The degree path at CSUDH is the same as long as all students, SB-1440 or not. Redirects

Intent to Enroll in addition to its Importance Indicating Intent to Enroll is required to participate in New Student Orientation, apply as long as Housing, receive m in addition to atory academic advisement, in addition to register as long as classes. Although the deadline as long as intent to enroll is May 1st, the student may submit it sooner in order to take advantage of course availability in addition to University resources. Indicating your Intent to Enroll is not required as long as Spring. How to Submit Intent to Enroll To confirm Intent to Enroll at CSUDH, students must log into My.CSUDH.EDU in addition to go to the Application Status link, click on Accept/Decline, then select I Accept Admission or I Decline Admission. Currently there is no fee associated with the Intent to Enroll. Admissions Appeals What is an appeal A student may appeal his or her admission denial if he or she believes his or her academic or personal circumstances could not be considered adequately through the st in addition to ard admission review process or that an error occurred in the application review. If a student believes he or she has been denied admission in error, he or she must submit an appeal within 15 days of receipt of his or her denial letter (This timeline is based on Assembly Bill 670, Section 89030.7) Assembly Bill 670, Section 89030: Requires the CSU to ensure that its campuses implement uni as long as m appeal procedures, as specified, as long as applicants who are denied admission to a campus in addition to uni as long as mly communicate these procedures to students, as specified. Source: http://www.csudh.edu/admissioappeals Source: http://ahed.assembly.ca.gov/sites/ahed.assembly.ca.gov/files/reports/AHED%202011-12%20Leg%20Summary%20FINAL.pdf Source: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/asm/ab-0651-0700/ab-670-bill-20110803-chaptered.pdf

Admissions Appeals (continued) Students must print in addition to attach the “Admissions Appeal Request & Cover Sheet” with their complete appeal packet All documents submitted as part of the appeal will not be returned to the applicant Only one appeal may be submitted per semester Appeals will be reviewed within two weeks of submission in addition to notification of the decision will be sent by mail Appeal decision will be reflected on MY.CSUDH.edu Letters of recommendation will not be considered All documents should be submitted together in one packet. If the appeal includes a letter only, without supporting documentation or academic records, it will be assumed that the packet is complete in addition to the appeal will be reviewed based only on the in as long as mation included in the letter. Admissions Appeals (continued) What an appeal needs to include: A written statement from the applicant which clearly states the reason as long as appeal If submitting additional in as long as mation to be considered, the statement should include an explanation of why the additional in as long as mation was not available at the time of application Any extenuating circumstances must be documented (Ex. Medical records, or a letter from school official which verifies in addition to specifies school error). Updated Official transcripts, as applicable. Source: http://www.csudh.edu/admissionappeals Reminders Importance to report accurate in as long as mation on the application. Using AP scores to meet a Golden Four. Submitting Official Transcripts by deadlines. Importance of checking mycsudh.edu portal regularly.

Contact Us Location Welch Hall (WH), Room C290 Office Hours Monday-Thursday: 8:00a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Online or Email Admissions: info@csudh.edu or admit@csudh.edu Records, Registration in addition to Graduation: admit@csudh.edu Apply Online: http://www.csumentor.edu/ Check Your Admissions Status: My.CSUDH.edu Telephone/Fax Customer Service: (310) 243-3645 Fax: (310) 516-4573 References http://www.calstate.edu/sas/publications/documents/AdmissionH in addition to book.pdf http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/transfer-students/admission-requirements/index http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/transfer-students/index http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/transfer-students/important-dates/index http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/transfer-students/application-checklist/index http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions/ Memor in addition to um from Executive Vice Chancellor in addition to Chief Academic Officer from 10/15/2013 http://www.csudh.edu/admissionappeals http://ahed.assembly.ca.gov/sites/ahed.assembly.ca.gov/files/reports/AHED%202011-12%20Leg%20Summary%20FINAL.pdf http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/asm/ab-0651-0700/ab-670-bill-20110803-chaptered.pdf www.sb1440.org http://www.calstate.edu/eo/eo-1084.html Questions in addition to Answers

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