One-Way ANOVAProblem 3.26, when assumptions are violated1Estimates of terms


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One-Way ANOVAProblem 3.26, when assumptions are violated1Estimates of terms

Auburn University at Montgomery, US has reference to this Academic Journal, One-Way ANOVAProblem 3.26, when assumptions are violated1Estimates of terms: We can estimate the mean response in consideration of Failure Time in consideration of problem 3.26 from the data by which is called the Predicted Value in addition to which is called the Residual Value. 2OK, what about when things go wrong Problem 3.26 data3

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Plot that data 4Put in means in addition to error bars 5Plot Residuals vs. Predicted 6

A clear problem exists but run the test(s) in consideration of equal variances7What so that do, what so that do?. Use Box-Cox transformation so that transform the data!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8Do the transformation and. 9

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Plot again 10Residuals vs. Predicted 11Testing equal variances 12

Now Normality Plot of Residuals 13Test of Normality Goodness-of-Fit Test Shapiro-Wilk W TestW Prob

Compare Trt. groups alongside Tukey 16Reporting results after the analysis of transformed dataThe purpose of diagnostics is so that make sure that the assumptions are at least approximately correct, in which case the p-values reported in consideration of significance tests of means comparisons are valid.In reporting results, such as means of treatment groups, generally use the untransformed or raw data.Transformations of the data are used so that obtain valid p-values, summaries of the original (untransformed or raw) data are used so that report results.17

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