Other Nursing Databases – Part 2 MEDLINE MEDLINE Characteristics MEDLINE Start at OCLS home page

Other Nursing Databases – Part 2 MEDLINE MEDLINE Characteristics MEDLINE Start at OCLS home page www.phwiki.com

Other Nursing Databases – Part 2 MEDLINE MEDLINE Characteristics MEDLINE Start at OCLS home page

Stetzer, Ed, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Other Nursing Databases – Part 2 MEDLINE, Dissertations & Theses, Cochrane in addition to ERIC MEDLINE MEDLINE Characteristics Created by the National Library of Medicine Based on MeSH headings (Medical Subject Headings) controlled vocabulary Primary database as long as medical searching. Also known as PubMed, which is freely available from the National Institute of Health web site.

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MEDLINE MEDLINE from IWU is available through the vendor, EBSCO (same one as CINAHL, Health Source. IWU subscribes to MEDLINE with Full text. Start at OCLS home page http://www.indwes.edu/ocls Click on: Nursing (under Article Databases) Locate: MEDLINE You will need to authenticate with your library 14-digit number Because of the way MEDLINE searches, it is best to use their controlled vocabulary, MeSH Headings.

Check mark a matching MeSH heading to what you are searching. Click on: Search Database. Because this database contains a lot of as long as eign language documents, it is good to check mark this option in addition to update the results. You can also limit to full text only.

MEDLINE MEDLINE MEDLINE takes a lot of practice to search it successfully. Using the MeSH headings helps find most relevant articles. Keep in mind that most of your results will be from specialized medical journals. May require use of interlibrary loan to get the full text articles.

Dissertations & Theses Dissertations & Theses Remember that CINAHL indexes master’s theses in addition to dissertations These may be available from a database of dissertations, many of which are available full text. Dissertations & Theses Subscription based database (needs IWU authentication 14-digit number from ID). Provides full text access in addition to 24-page previews as long as dissertations/theses from 1997 to the present. Allows searching by author, title, publication number, in addition to limited keyword, etc. Allows as long as accessing the full content. Since dissertations are book length documents, retrieval is done by the student, not OCLS.

Start at OCLS home page http://www.indwes.edu/ocls Click on: Nursing (under Article Databases) Locate: Dissertations & Theses You will need to authenticate with your library 14-digit number. Type in the title of the needed dissertation/thesis in addition to use the dropdown to select, Document Title. Clicking on Search will take you to your document, if available in D & T. Click on the Full Text PDF option or title in addition to the dissertation/thesis will open. (Note that this one is 164 pages!) You can also view the first 24 pages by taking the 24-page preview link. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file once retrieved. This is a wonderful resource as often dissertations are not available via interlibrary loan.

The Cochrane Library The Cochrane Library Full text document database Specific to demonstrating evidence of the effects of healthcare (evidenced-based medicine). Its aim is to prepare, maintain in addition to promote access to systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions. Available in full text. Indexed in CINAHL database. Start at the OCLS home page http://www.indwes.edu/ocls Click on: Nursing (under Article Databases) Locate: Cochrane Library You will need to authenticate with your library 14-digit library access number.

Searching You can search directly in Cochrane Or, you may need to find a document in Cochrane that you identified in a CINAHL search. Let’s look at how to do that. If you only want to search the Cochrane documents, type: Cochrane in addition to select SO Journal Title Then you can do a Boolean AND to find Cochrane documents on your topic, e.g. Cochrane in addition to continuing education The Cochrane citations provide a link to the Cochrane Library Just click on the link, The Cochrane Library.

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The link goes right to the document in the Cochrane database. ERIC Education Database Most useful as long as the nursing education c in addition to idates. ERIC Education Database ERIC is specific to education topics in all disciplines. Available via the EBSCOHost vendor interface. Contains indexing as long as journal articles in addition to ERIC documents (material never published in a journal, e.g. dissertations, research reports, conference proceedings, etc.). Requires IWU authentication as long as access.

http://www.indwes.edu/ocls Click on: Nursing (under Article Databases) Locate: ERIC – (EBSCOHost) You will need to authenticate with your library assess number. Start at OCLS home page Searching is similar to Health Source: Nursing/Academic Can do keyword searching (default) or use the Thesaurus (same as Subjects). Contains some full content, but can also utilize the Journal Search Engine tool to find more full content of articles. ERIC documents are available full content as long as recent years. Finding ERIC documents: You may be given an ERIC document as a reference to find to read the full content. The citation will have a document number such as this example, ED500691: The full text is available if it additionally has the link, Full Text from ERIC. Click on that link to access the full content.

In summary Use the IWU Library Catalog When you are looking as long as books in addition to /or videos on your topic. When you want to see what ebooks are available from IWU. When you need overview in as long as mation on a topic. (Often books give better coverage on this than articles). In summary Use other subject specific databases available from IWU depending on the thrust of your research. For example, IWU also has religion specific databases in addition to psychology specific databases. Call OCLS as long as help when needing to use these. In summary USE OCLS Whenever you need help finding sources as long as your research topics. To access librarians who are in as long as mation specialists. You are the subject specialists. Working together, you can find the BEST sources on your nursing research topics! Call, (800-521-1848) or email, http://www.indwes.edu/ocls/ocls as long as m.html)

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