Outline Bacteria versus Viruses Note: These STDs are bacterial infections! Viruses DNA containing viruses

Outline Bacteria versus Viruses Note: These STDs are bacterial infections! Viruses DNA containing viruses www.phwiki.com

Outline Bacteria versus Viruses Note: These STDs are bacterial infections! Viruses DNA containing viruses

Brillhart, Aaron, Host; Meteorologist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Virsuses: Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome & Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Outline Introductory Comments Virus versus bacteria Examples of DNA in addition to RNA containing viruses How RNA containing viruses can replicate Origins of HIV Dr. Hahn in addition to colleagues Characteristics of HIV Particle Glycoproteins Viral genes Laboratory Diagnostic Tests PCR Western Blot ELISA ——- Part 2 —- Treatment Transmission Prevention Bacteria versus Viruses

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Note: These STDs are bacterial infections! SYPHILIS Bacterium: Treponema pallidum GONORRHEA Bacterium: Neisseria gonorrhoeae Viruses DNA containing RNA containing DNA containing viruses Herpes virus Small pox virus Hepatitis B adenovirus

RNA containing viruses Hepatitis A in addition to C Rabies Ebola Measles Mumps Polio HIV Rabies virus Measles on the back HIV Examples of how RNA viruses replicate Negative str in addition to Positive str in addition to Retro

RETROVIRAL REPLICATION HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIECY VIRUS Family: retrovirus Genus: lentivirus Species: HIV 1 in addition to HIV 2 Groups in addition to Subtypes: variety

“Predominant Subtypes of Group M” Africa Americas China (southeast) Europe India Japan Thail in addition to A;D;C B C B C B E Dr. Beatrice Hahn & colleagues: Drs. Li in addition to Keele Greater spot nose monkey Red Cap Mangabey monkey SIV cpz almost identical to HIV 1 Humans

Pan troglodytes troglodytes Simian Virus (SIV cpz) almost identical to HIV 1 Sooty mangabey monkey Simian Virus corresponds to HIV2 HIV: Structure in addition to mechanism of replication

HIV-1 PARTICLE HIV Glycoproteins Lipid Bilayer contains glycoproteins Gp 160 Gp 120 Gp 41 T lymphocyte in green in addition to HIV in red

HIV in addition to helper T cells HIV-1 HOST CELLS: helper T lymphocyte, macrophages http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072495855/student-view0/chapter24/animation-hiv-replication.html Budding of HIV from T lymphocyte HIV HIV Mechanism of Infection VIRAL RNA PROVIRAL DNA Infects Th cell Integrates into host DNA “activated” LYTIC STAGE storage LYSOGENIC STAGE

Brillhart, Aaron Channel 13 Evening News - KSWT-TV Host; Meteorologist www.phwiki.com

Co-Receptors Binds naturally occurring chemokines CCR5 or CXCR4 (fusin) LYTIC STAGE

The key HIV genes HIV Diagnostic Tests Western Blot PCR Directly measures HIV Polymerase Chain Reaction Measures proviral DNA within the host DNA

FDA Approves Saliva OraQuick Rapid Test as long as HIV-1, HIV-2 Antibodies [March 29, 2004] (similar test is also available as long as blood samples, see next slides). OraQuick Rapid Anti-HIV Blood Test 1 2 3 20 minute test Cost app. $15.00

Brillhart, Aaron Host; Meteorologist

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