Overall Organization Assignment Project: Processes in addition to Resource Management



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Overall Organization Assignment Project: Processes in addition to Resource Management

Dartmouth College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Project: Processes in addition to Resource ManagementTextbook: pages 482-491Lubomir BicOperating SystemsAssignmentDesign/implement a simplified process in addition to resource managerRequired functionalities:process: create/destroyresource: request/releasetime-out interruptmulti-unit resources (5.1. page 490 of textbook)extensive error checking2Operating SystemsProblem: we do not have the actual processes or hardwareSolution: your terminal (or test files) representcurrently running process, andthe hardware causing interruptsOverall Organization3

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Operating SystemsWrite presentation/test shellit reads command from terminal or test fileit invokes kernel functionit displays reply (on terminal or so that output file)which process is running any errorsOverall Organization4Operating SystemsPresentation/test shell Example:*Process Init is running. . .shell> cr A 1*Process A is runningshell> cr B 2*Process B is runningshell> cr C 1*Process B is runningshell> req R1,1*Process B is blocked; Process A is running. . .5Operating SystemsProcess states in addition to operationsProcess states: ready, running, blockedPossible Operations:Create: (none) ? readyDestroy: running/ready/blocked ? (none)Request: running ? blockedRelease: blocked ? readyTime_out: running ? readyScheduler: ready ? running/running ? ready6

Operating SystemsProcess Control Block (PCB)PIDCPU state ? not usedMemory ? not usedOpen_Files ? not usedOther_resourcesStatus: Type & ListCreation_tree: Parent/ChildrenPriority: 0, 1, 2 (Init, User, System)7The Ready List (RL)3-level priority list2 = ?system?1 = ?user?0 = ?init?Priorities don?t changeEvery process (PCB) is either on the RL on a blocked listOperating Systems8Operating SystemsCreate a processCreate(initialization parameters){create PCB data structureinitialize PCB using parameterslink PCB so that creation treeinsert(RL, PCB)Scheduler() }Init process is created at start-up & can create first system or user processAny new or released process is inserted at the end of the queue (RL)9

Fiscal Close Workshop May 2016 Agenda What is Fiscal Close? Responsibilities Three Stages of the Close in consideration of Departments 2015-16 Versus 2014-15 Key Dates Fiscal Close What You Need so that Know so that Close the Year What You Need so that Know so that Close the Year Accruals & Deferrals Why Accruals & Deferrals? What is an Accrual? What is a Deferral? Recording Accruals & Deferrals New Fiscal Year New Fiscal Year Intercampus Transfer Transactions UC Campus Tab UC Campus Tab AP/Disbursements Travel Invoices Deadlines Invoices Tips TEM in addition to DV TEM in addition to DV Cont?d Encumbrances Encumbrance Report Encumbrance Carry Forward Encumbrances Payroll 2015-16 Fiscal Closing Dates June Bi-Weekly (B1) Payroll Time Reporting Deadline June Bi-Weekly (B1) Payroll Cycle C utoff June Monthly Payroll Time Reporting D eadline June Monthly Payroll Cycle C utoff Supplemental (XX) Payroll Cycle C utoff Payroll Expense Distribution Ledgers in consideration of June Payroll Special (XX) Payroll Cycle C utoff Payroll Expense Distribution Ledgers in consideration of June/July Accruals in consideration of Transferring Payroll Already P aid in 2015 -2016 Fiscal Year B usiness Contracts & Grants Decision Support Decision Support Tools Pre-Run Reports New Functionality: Saved Queries Questions?

Operating SystemsDestroy a processDestroy (pid) {get pointer p so that PCB using pidKill_Tree(p)Scheduler() }Kill_Tree(p) {for all child processes q Kill_Tree(q)free resourcesdelete PCB in addition to update all pointers }Process can be destroyed by any of its ancestors or by itself (exit)10Operating SystemsRepresentation of ResourcesThere is a fixed set of resourcesResource Control Block (RCB)RIDStatus: counter in consideration of number of free unitsWaiting_List: list of blocked processes11Operating SystemsRequest resource (1-unit resources)Request(rid) { r = Get_RCB(rid); if (r->Status == ‘free’) { r->Status = ‘allocated?; insert(self->Other_Resources, r); } else { self->Status.Type = ‘blocked’; self->Status.List = r; remove(RL, self); insert(r->Waiting_List, self); Scheduler(); }all requests are satisfied in strict FIFO order12

Operating SystemsRelease resource (1-unit resources)Release(rid) { r = Get_RCB(rid); remove(self->Other_Resources, r); if (r->Waiting_List == NIL} { r->Status = ‘free’; } else { remove(r->Waiting_List, q); q->Status.Type = ‘ready’; q->Status.List = RL; insert(q->Other_Resources, r); insert(RL, q); Scheduler(); }}13Operating SystemsScheduling3-level priority schedulerUse preemptive round-robin scheduling within levelTime sharing is simulated by function callInit process serves a dual purpose: dummy process: lowest priority/never blockedroot of process creation tree14Operating SystemsSchedulerCalled at the end of every kernel call(1) Scheduler() {(2) find highest priority process p(3) if (self->priority < p->priority ||(4) self->Status.Type != ‘running’ ||(5) self == NIL) (5) preempt(p, self) }Condition (3): called from create or releaseCondition (4): called from request or time-outCondition (5): called from destroyPreemption: Change status of p so that running (status of self already changed so that ready/blocked)Context switch?output name of running process15

Operating SystemsTime-out InterruptsSimulate time-sharingTime_out() { find running process q; remove(RL, q); q->Status.Type = ‘ready’; insert(RL, q); Scheduler();}16Operating SystemsPresentation/Test ShellMandatory Commandsinitcr de req <# of units> rel <# of units> so that 17Operating SystemsPresentation/Test ShellOptional commands (examples):list all processes in addition to their statuslist all resources in addition to their statusprovide information about a given process provide information about a given resource18

Operating SystemsSummary of tasksDesign/implement the process in addition to resource managerdata structures in addition to functionsDesign/implement a driver program (shell)command language in addition to interpreterInstantiate the manager so that include at start-up:A Ready List alongside 3 prioritiesA single process, Init4 resources labeled: R1, R2, R3, R4 (each Ri has i units))Submit your program in consideration of testing, submit documentation in consideration of evaluation19Sample test 1cr x 2 cr y 1 so that cr z 2 so that req R1 1 so that req R1 1 de z rel R1 1 de x init x x x x z z x z x x init 20Sample test 2cr x 1 cr p 1 cr q 1 cr r 1 so that req R2 1 so that req R3 3 so that req R4 3 so that so that req R3 1 req R4 2 req R2 2 so that de q so that so that init x x x x p p q q r r x p q r x x x p x21

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