Overcoming Barriers to EHS MEM Seminar Series 2001/2002 School of Design in addition to Env

Overcoming Barriers to EHS MEM Seminar Series 2001/2002 School of Design in addition to Env www.phwiki.com

Overcoming Barriers to EHS MEM Seminar Series 2001/2002 School of Design in addition to Env

Chansley, Mindy, Operations Manager has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Overcoming Barriers to EHS MEM Seminar Series 2001/2002 School of Design in addition to Environment National University of Singapore August 25, 2001 Presentation Outline Profile Jebsen & Jessen The First EHS Ef as long as ts Formal EHS Management Achievements in addition to Failures “Spoon Feeding” Approach Benefits in addition to Shortcomings Achieving Lasting Consistency The Next Chapter: Sustainability Jebsen & Jessen SEA A Brief Corporate Profile

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ASEAN Regional Network 40 companies operating under seven activity-related divisions Areas of operation: ASEAN Number of employees: 2,500 Regional Coverage Philippines Manila Cebu Thail in addition to Bangkok Chiengmai Indonesia Jakarta Surabaya Medan Semarang B in addition to ung Ujung P in addition to ang Singapore Vietnam Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) Hanoi Brunei B in addition to ar Seri Bagawan Kuala Belait Sarawak Kuching Sabah Kota Kinabalu W. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Penang Johore Bahru Kuantan Ipoh Malacca Regional Businesses Chemicals Communications Industrial Products Marketing Material H in addition to ling Packaging Process Technology

Chemicals Chemicals Nutrition Metals Communications Corporate Network Telecommunications Broadcast Industrial Products Pumps Well screens Cutting Tools Special Electric Cables

Marketing Consumer Medical & Scientific Textiles Automotive Spares Material H in addition to ling Cranes & Hoists Logistic Systems IPD Spares & Services Packaging Moulded Foam Packaging Integrated Packaging Construction

Process Engineering Industrial Plant Marketing Industrial Plant Contracting Group Statistical Profile Revenue by country Revenue by regional business unit Employees by regional business unit Employees by country IND 9% SIN 42% MY 27% TH 18% PH 4% IPD 9% PKG 7% PRT 7% CHE 22 % MKT 19% COM 12% MHE 25% The First EHS Ef as long as ts Management Conference 1993 Member of Executive Committee overall in charge Minor in addition to r in addition to om initiatives

Corporate Commitment To be a leading provider within ASEAN of quality products in addition to services dedicated to fulfilling customer needs with professionalism in addition to integrity. To maintain an environment that attracts, develops, retains, rewards in addition to motivates talent in addition to productivity. To establish environmental excellence in all our business enterprises in addition to actively promote environmentally responsible behaviour at all levels of our organisations in addition to in customers, suppliers in addition to principals. To strive as long as an outst in addition to ing corporate in addition to individual behaviour to maintain lasting trust in addition to confidence of our customers, employees in addition to suppliers. To maintain a level of profitability that sustains growth, ensures quality in addition to provides generous rewards to staff in addition to an adequate return to shareholders The Background EHS awareness Public Moderate Low, growing Employees Moderate Mixed Retail customers Moderate Limited Industrial customers Moderate Moderate Intrinsic mgmt interest Mixed Low Strategic mgmt interest Mixed Low ISO 14001 Low/Moderate Moderate Japan/US/EU ASEAN The Background Regulations Strong Strong Reg en as long as cement Strong Low – Moderate Media focus Bad/shock news Good / bad news – Pollution, injuries – Govt influence NGOs Large memberships Limited role Labour unions Moderate size Limited role Shareholders Special interests Limited interest Japan/US/EU ASEAN

Formal EHS Management 1995 EHS as a Central Service Executive Management Finance & Treasury Corporate & Legal Affairs Human Resources Environment, Health & Safety Corporate Communication In as long as mation Technology Internal Audit & Taxation 40 Member Companies Providing Central Services EHS Management Central Services Unit EHS EHS Chair EHS Committee CSU Audit

Decentralised Approach Within overall EHS policies, each member company was expected to pursue its own initiatives Accomplishments 1995-1997 1. EHS audits in addition to underst in addition to ing of weaknesses 2. Group EHS Policy 3. Network of EHS chairs in addition to committees 4. Review of EHS laws in our 5 major countries 5. Training materials in addition to programmes 6. Network of EHS expertise (consultants, organisations) 7. Audit checklists, facility checklists, procurement guide 8. Awareness campaign 9. Various EHS per as long as mance improvement projects Idealism vs. Pragmatism CFC Business TBTO Hazardous Wastes Paint Furniture Polystyrene

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Hocking (1991): Hot-Drink Container LCA Hocking (1991): Hot-Drink Container LCA Hocking (1991): Hot-Drink Container LCA

Hocking (1991): Hot-Drink Container LCA Hub & Spoke EHS Service Operating in the environment prior to the RBU structure, the approach CSU EHS pursued was hub & spoke Benefits Customised attention to each company Fast communication

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