P in addition to emic Influenza Preparing as long as an Influenza P in addition to emic

P in addition to emic Influenza Preparing as long as an Influenza P in addition to emic www.phwiki.com

P in addition to emic Influenza Preparing as long as an Influenza P in addition to emic

Croes, Keith, Contributing Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal P in addition to emic Influenza Preparing as long as an Influenza P in addition to emic 1 Agenda P in addition to emic influenza overview Historical look at p in addition to emic influenza What would a future p in addition to emic look like Individual, family, in addition to community Emergency preparedness 2

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Influenza Overview Influenza (flu)–a contagious respiratory illness, caused by a virus Spread through coughing, sneezing, in addition to touching items that are contaminated with the virus (doorknobs, keyboards, etc.) Infectious 1-2 days be as long as e showing symptoms in addition to during their entire illness 3 4 Seasonal Influenza Every year in the U.S. seasonal flu: Results in the death of 36,000 people Causes of 200,000 hospitalizations Costs the U.S. $10 billion Most previously healthy people recover from the seasonal flu in 1-2 weeks without serious medical intervention There is a vaccine as long as seasonal flu– Get your flu shot every year! 5

The world may be on the brink of another p in addition to emic. -World Health Organization 2005 6 P in addition to emic Influenza A p in addition to emic is an outbreak of disease that spreads rapidly, in addition to affects many people worldwide. Many health officials believe that it is not a matter of if there is another influenza p in addition to emic, but when. 7 Conditions of a P in addition to emic New virus to humans Causes serious illness Easily transmissible human to human 8

Six Stages of a P in addition to emic 9 P in addition to emic of 1918-1919 At least 40 million deaths worldwide Half of those dying were in their 20s in addition to 30s, representing as many as 8 to 10% of all young adults More people died of influenza in a year than the Black Death in the Middle Ages killed in a century More died in 24 weeks than AIDS has killed in 24 years Photo courtesy of the National Archives 10 Photo courtesy of the National Museum of Health & Medicine 11

Photo courtesy of the National Museum of Health & Medicine 12 Photo courtesy of the National Archives 13 Photo courtesy of the National Archives 14

Other 20th Century Influenza P in addition to emics Asian Influenza of 1957, with an estimated 2 million deaths worldwide, including 70,000 in the U.S. Hong Kong Influenza of 1968, with an estimated 1 million deaths worldwide, including 34,000 in the U.S. 15 What could P in addition to emic Influenza look like in my community Long periods of disease, in waves Could last weeks to months Disruption of daily life 16 Health Implications Inadequate medical supplies Overwhelmed hospitals in addition to clinics Significant numbers of illness in addition to death will occur Significant portion of the population would have no one to take care of them 17

Projections as long as U.S. During a P in addition to emic 18 Economic Implications Over 30% of work as long as ce out at any given time due to personal or family illness Collapse of goods in addition to materials supply chains Possible store closings 19 In a p in addition to emic the best way to ensure the safety of your family in addition to your community is to prepare. 20

The most important preparation you can make is to believe that preparations are necessary! Disasters do happen where you live in addition to work. A disaster will impact you in addition to your family. There is significantly less impact if you are prepared. 21 Plan Preparation is a continuous, cumulative process. Take small steps–frequently! Take practical, specific actions. Plan as long as “all hazards.” Consider “cascading effects” such as power outages in addition to transportation disruption. 22 Prepare Each of us has personal responsibility to prepare. Make a family communication plan in addition to begin gathering emergency supplies. Start talking about p in addition to emic planning in your community. 23

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Family Communication Plan Work/school/cell numbers, addresses, & e-mail Meeting places if separated–local & distant Out of state “call in” contact Personal in as long as mation on all family members Rules as long as re-assembly in addition to contact 24 Emergency Supplies Keep your supplies in a large plastic tote container with inventory list taped inside the cover. List dates of rotation/expiration. Communications plan Cash/traveler’s checks Legal/financial papers Water & food Maps of the area Battery or crank radio Spare batteries ID & credentials Medications Medical thermometer Hygiene items First aid kit Flashlights 25 Special Populations Infants: as long as mula, bottles, baby food, diapers & wipes, medications Adults: list of medications, dosages, caregiver contact in as long as mation, dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aid needs, contact lens supplies Seniors: brief medical history, make in addition to model in as long as mation on all lifts, chairs, oxygen & other equipment ensure a robust support network evacuation in addition to transportation needs 26

Pets: Include them in your emergency kit (food, water, vet records, medications, special toys, & supplies) Do not leave pets behind or outside. Identify alternate pet care if you become ill. Know that pets react differently to stress–watch them closely. 27 Personal Documents Create an emergency financial first aid kit. Include important legal documents in addition to records (birth certificates, titles, insurance). Update whenever changes occur. Keep copy in safe deposit box. 28 Most importantly: Make your preparations work as long as you! More in as long as mation/checklists www.statehealth.in.gov www.cdc.gov www.p in addition to emicflu.gov www.cdc.gov/travel/destinat.htm www.who.int/ www.travel.state.gov 29

Influenza Prevention Practices Practice healthy hygiene Cover your cough or sneeze with your sleeve or tissue. Wash your h in addition to s often with soap in addition to water as long as 20 seconds. Social distancing Stay away from work if you are sick. Stay an “arm’s length” away from others. Talk to your employer about workplace plans. 30 Community Preparation Know your neighbors. Reach out to neighbors with disabilities. Take a CPR or First Aid class. Volunteer in your community. Talk about emergency preparedness in your community, in addition to how to keep ALL members safe. 31 If you are prepared, you will be more ready as long as p in addition to emic influenza or any emergency. 32

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