P2 REVISION – CHAPTER 1 – MOTIONKEY WORDS:Distance-time graphsGradientSpeedVeloc

P2 REVISION – CHAPTER 1 – MOTIONKEY WORDS:Distance-time graphsGradientSpeedVeloc www.phwiki.com

P2 REVISION – CHAPTER 1 – MOTIONKEY WORDS:Distance-time graphsGradientSpeedVeloc

Soto, Jeff, Executive Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal P2 REVISION – CHAPTER 1 – MOTIONKEY WORDS:Distance-time graphsGradientSpeedVelocityAccelerationVelocity-time graphsASSESSMENT:Match the graph to the description of motion:P2 REVISION – CHAPTER 2 – FORCESKEY WORDS:ForceResultant as long as ceStopping distanceThinking distanceBraking distanceWeightMassGravitation field strengthDrag as long as ceTerminal velocityProportionalityHooke’s lawASSESSMENT:What is the definition of a as long as ceWhat are balanced as long as ces in addition to when do they occurWhat are unbalanced as long as ces in addition to when do they occurCalculate the resultant as long as ce:Using the as long as mula F=ma, fill in the tableWhat is stopping distance, in addition to what are the two parts that make up a car’s stopping distanceWhat factors affect stopping distanceWhat do we do to prevent speeding in this countryWhat is terminal velocityWhat is Hooke’s lawP2 REVISION – CHAPTER 3 – WORK, ENERGY & MOMENTUMKEY WORDS:TransferWork doneGravitational potential energyElastic potential energyMomentumConservation of momentumASSESSMENT:What is work doneWhat is the equation as long as work doneHow does friction affect work doneWhat features do we add to cars to make them safeWhat is momentumComplete the question below using this equationmomentum (kg m/s) = mass (kg) X velocity (m/s)If a sprinter with a mass of 50kg runs at a velocity of 10m/s what is their momentumA 0.5 kg trolley is pushed at a velocity of 1.2 m/s into a stationary trolley with a mass of 1.5 kg. The two trolleys stick to each other after the impact.Calculate:The momentum of the 0.5 kg trolley be as long as e the collisionThe velocity of the two trolleys straight after the impactWhat is conservation of momentum in addition to how do you calculate it

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P2 REVISION – CHAPTER 4 – CURRENT ELECTRICITYKEY WORDS:Static electricityProtonsNeutronsIonElectric currentElectronsCoulombs (C)SeriesPotential differenceVolts (V)ParallelResistanceOhmic conductorASSESSMENT:What is static electricityWhat happens when you rub a polythene rod with a dry clothWhat happens when you rub a perspex rod with a dry clothYou can use diagrams to help.Label these circuit components: Link the component to the correct graphWhat is resistanceWhat is the equation as long as resistanceWhat is the rule as long as resistance in a series circuitWhat is the rule as long as resistance in a parallel circuitP2 REVISION – CHAPTER 5 – MAINS ELECTRICITYKEY WORDS:Direct currentAlternating currentFrequencyLive/neutral/ earth wireOscilloscopeY-gate controlTime base controlSocketPlugsCableThree-pin plugCircuit breakerResidual current circuit breaker (RCCB)ASSESSMENT:What is the difference between direct current in addition to alternating currentWhy do we use alternating current as long as mains electricity How do we measure alternating currentZIn a st in addition to ard 3-pin plug what is:X:Y:Z:How do the materials in addition to design of the following plug parts improve their safetyCaseFusePinsHow are electrical cables designed to be safeWhat is a fuse in addition to how does it workWhat is a circuit breaker in addition to how does it workElectrical energy in addition to chargeWork through these questions:Calculate the charge flow when the current is 8A as long as 80s.Q = I X tCalculate the energy transferred in a component when the charge passing through it is 30C in addition to the potential difference is 20VEnergy transferred = volts X coulombsP2 REVISION – CHAPTER 6 – RADIOACTIVITYASSESSMENT:How did each of these scientists contribute to our underst in addition to ing of radiationHenri Becquerel:Marie Curie:Ernest Ruther as long as d:What is radiationWhat causes background radiationExplain what half-life is:Fill in this table assuming there is a 10% decay every hour:Give 3 uses of radioactivity, in addition to a brief description of how they work:Properties of radiation:

P2 REVISION – CHAPTER 7 – ENERGY FROM THE NUCLEUSKEY WORDS:Nuclear fissionChain reactionReactorControl rodsCoolantNuclear fusionProtostarNeutron starMain sequence starsRed giantWhite dwarfBlack dwarfSupergiantSupernovaBlack holeASSESSMENT:Explain nuclear fission (use diagrams):Explain nuclear fusion (use diagrams):What are some of the issues linked with nuclear energyWhat was the early universe likeExplain the life cycle of a star:How are chemical elements as long as med

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