Parts of a Print Advertisement Print Advertisements Main Parts of a Print Ad Headline Illustration

Parts of a Print Advertisement Print Advertisements Main Parts of a Print Ad Headline Illustration

Parts of a Print Advertisement Print Advertisements Main Parts of a Print Ad Headline Illustration

Radcliff, Deborah, Contributing Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Parts of a Print Advertisement Advertising Lesson 2 Print Advertisements Any type of advertising that is in written as long as mat, such as: Newspaper ad Magazine ad Billboards (outdoor advertising) Transit ads (buses, bus stations, bus stops, taxis, trucks) Main Parts of a Print Ad Headline Illustration Body Copy Tag-Line Company Details

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Headline A strong statement which includes the major selling point Must grab the reader’s attention Must be short (no more than 7 words) Example: EAT MOR CHIKIN Illustration Rein as long as ces the headline Shows how your product works or what it looks like Must grab the reader’s attention Example: Chick-Fil-A Cows Body Copy Text that persuades the reader to buy your product Must be interesting Must tell the reader something that he/she wants to know.

Tag-Line Summarizes your product or the philosophy of your company It should encourage the reader to act, i.e. to go in addition to find out more in addition to buy the product. Company Details Name Address Telephone numbers Fax E-mail address Logo AIDA An ad will only have a few seconds to influence someone, so a good ad uses the following as long as mula: A – Attention (Awareness): attract the attention of the customer. I – Interest: raise customer interest by demonstrating features, advantages, in addition to benefits. D – Desire: convince customers that they want in addition to desire the product or service in addition to that it will satisfy their needs. A – Action: lead customers towards taking action in addition to /or purchasing.

Spoiling Ads Clutter – If you fill the space full of words in addition to pictures, people will be put off reading it. Small writing is difficult to read. Jargon – Difficult words in addition to long sentences put people off Facts & Figures – No one wants to read a boring load of facts in addition to figures. Use the minimum to get people interested. Activity Now lets see what you can do. Assess a Print Ad Design an ad as long as your business

Radcliff, Deborah Information Security Contributing Writer

Radcliff, Deborah Contributing Writer

Radcliff, Deborah is from United States and they belong to Information Security and they are from  Sebastopol, United States got related to this Particular Journal. and Radcliff, Deborah deal with the subjects like Application Service Providers; Information Technology Industry; Information/Knowledge Management; Security Systems; Systems Security

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