Patenting Devices Patent What my not be Patented Some Facts Requisites

Patenting Devices Patent What my not be Patented Some Facts Requisites

Patenting Devices Patent What my not be Patented Some Facts Requisites

Sherborne, Pam, Contributing Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Patenting Devices Abhishek Mitra Patent Something open to public review in addition to protection thereof. US patent in addition to trade mark office. Design patents – new in addition to original ornamental design. Initial letter D. Plant patents – discovery of a new variety of plant. e.g. A peach tree. Initial letter P. Utility patents – new in addition to useful process, machine or composition of matter. e.g. A chemical manufacturing process. Protect inventions in addition to improvements to existing inventions . What my not be Patented Laws of nature Physical phenomena Abstract ideas Literary, dramatic, musical, in addition to artistic works (these can be Copyright protected). Inventions which are: Not useful (such as perpetual motion machines); or Offensive to public morality

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Some Facts In 1998 240,090 Applications as long as patent were filed out of which 154,647 were issued. 55% Were granted to US citizens, rest to as long as eign residents. Some Organizations with a high patent counts in 1998 include IBM(2657), Canon(1928), Sony(1316), Samsung(1304). Requisites Novelty – Must not have been known or used by someone. Utility – Invention must have some useful purpose. Non Obviousness – Difference between the subject in addition to prior art should be substantial. Nonobvious to a person having ordinary skill in the area of technology related to the invention. Obvious Stuff – Long Felt, unresolved issues, failure of others. How to Apply Only the inventor may apply as long as a patent If two or more persons make an invention jointly, they apply as long as a patent as joint inventors Application as long as a patent as long as Patents includes: A written document which comprises a specification (description in addition to claims), in addition to an oath or declaration A drawing in those cases in which a drawing is necessary The filing fee, basic fee to present 20 claims.

Searching (accurate searches) Search by patent number Advanced search E.G. “Digital in addition to wireless in addition to modem” All images in tiff as long as mat Full text shows all claims Utility Patent Transmittal letter – name of the applicant, type of application, title of the invention, the contents. Application data sheet. Specification – written description of the invention, computer program listings. Title of invention – up to 500 characters. Drawing Requirements – black ink, color (rare) Utility Patents Cross-reference to related applications Reference to sequence listing, a table, or a computer program Background of the invention – field of endeavor, prior art etc Brief summary of the invention Claim or claims – point out in addition to distinctly claim the subject matter Drawings (when necessary) – underst in addition to ing of the subject Oath or declaration – signed by inventors

EFS Electronic Filing System as long as submitting patents. Only Utility Patents It includes authoring tools in XML as long as mat ePAVE (electronic packaging in addition to validation engine) to assemble in addition to transmit to USPTO over the Internet digital certificate to secure the transmission Some Examples Patent No 6056868 – Erbium doped porous Silicon LEDs, resulting in enhancement of luminescence. (Hong Kong Baptist Univ.) 6237846 – Body wearable keyboard (SONY) 6377825 – H in addition to s-free wireless communication in a vehicle. Cellport Systems 6044046 – CD with a built in Chip. Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Patent No 6,151,355, DataRadio Inc Wireless modem A modem unit, typically a wireless modem unit, has a bidirectional digital data port, a modem, a transceiver, in addition to a microcontroller programmed to control the unit according to a control program. The microcontroller controls switches which determine the routing of data between the port, the modem in addition to the microcontroller.

Claims Modem unit, Bidirectional serial digital data port, Transceiver, Converting to analog signals as long as modulating a transmitter, Receiving in addition to demodulating analog signals from a receiver Switches connected between the port, the modem in addition to the microcontroller Digital data to be transmitted from the microcontroller in addition to /or the port Patent No 5,748,214 Seiko Epson Accompanying Patent 5,818,472 : Ink jet recording apparatus Ink jet recording head with sequential lamination of: A resilient plate having piezoelectric elements A pressure producing chamber as long as ming plate

Patent No 5,748,214 Seiko Epson A seal plate an other surface of the pressure plate A plurality of ink supply communication paths, each with a selected pressure producing chamber A reservoir chamber through the ink supply The pressure producing chambers in one array are staggered with respect to the chambers in the other array The head unit 2 Actuator 11 seal plate 12 pressure producing chamber as long as ming plate16 Lower electrodes 15 Pressure producing chambers 17 Piezoelectric vibration elements 5 Flexible printed board (FPC) 19 connecting terminals 22 ink supply 22 25 reservoir chamber 30 St. Steel nozzle plate Patents in addition to Legalities Gives inventor the right to mark the product. Legal warning to infringer. Can be used as an asset, (e.g. license after negotiating terms / bargaining) Infringement – when a person or entity makes, uses or sells without knowledge of patentee. Finally, claims are en as long as ceable, get them right.

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