PERFORMATIVITY W hen we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago .

PERFORMATIVITY W hen we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago .

PERFORMATIVITY W hen we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago .

Keaton, Holli, News Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The Profession’s Memory: History of Education, Teacher Training in addition to the Radicality of the PastDANIEL O’NEILLLIVERPOOL COMMUNITY COLLEGEA medieval baker with his apprentice. Bodleian Library, Ox as long as d. Vincent notes that twenty-first teachers entering the profession have less of an introduction to the past of their pedagogy than ‘any cohort since as long as mal training began two centuries ago’ (Vincent 2003: 419-420; McCulloch 2011: 100).

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Lyotard J.F. (1984) The Post-Modern Condition Manchester University PressPERFORMATIVITYValue assessed by operational efficiency – determined by cost/benefit or input/output analyses.

However under modern capitalism – Lyotard argues – what needs to be taught are only the skills in addition to knowledge that preserve in addition to enhance society’s per as long as mativity.Knowledge, or education, is not thought to have any intrinsic worth, but instead is valued as a commodity which can be sold; it no longer posses ‘use-value’ but only ‘exchange value’ (Lyotard 1984a: 4-5)How do you determine operational efficiency What is measurable becomes lauded over the good. The crude, basic in addition to measurable used to assess a complex, intricate in addition to contingent practice based upon human relationships. The crude language of management creeps into educational institutions undermining the language of education. When asked to talk about education it is in the language of business terms – the language of inputs in addition to outputs, of br in addition to s, of per as long as mance indicators in addition to audits, of products in addition to productivity, of educational customers in addition to curriculum delivers rather than teachers.A new corporate identity has been developed to represent the core beliefs of the College br in addition to in addition to our vision to realign with the strategic aims of the region in addition to the needs of our customers.

Peter Coyote (1998:35; Freyman 2000: 80) ‘Part of the power in addition to flexibility of our profit-orientated economy is that it can co-opt nearly everything. Everything but doing things as long as free’Language of business in addition to profitability does not fit education. Teachers are nearly always motivated by more than the basest of motives. Consistent failure of per as long as mance-related pay in teaching.Marsden, D. (2009) The Paradox of Per as long as mance Related Pay Systems: ‘Why Do We Keep Adopting Them in the Face of Evidence that they Fail to Motivate’ Centre as long as Economic Per as long as mance, LSESmeyers, Smith in addition to St in addition to ish (2007: 153-154) note the mechanistic, technical in addition to managerial language spawned in British education.They argue that these new dominant languages of education show signs of strain because they fail to reflect our experiences as teachers in addition to learners in addition to , at worse, silence voices which seek to articulate teaching in addition to learning in a fuller, richer, more sensitive manner.

Teaching often comes from a source that can not be captured in training documents or strictures, arising from the kind of conviction in addition to certitudes that are dependent on proofs that are ‘in as long as mal in addition to personal, which baffle our powers of analysis, in addition to cannot be brought under logical rule’ (Newman 1887: 228).

Cambridge Primary Review – Children, their World, their Education‘centralisation, secrecy in addition to the ‘quiet authoritarianism’ of the new centres of power; the disenfranchising of local voice; the rise of unelected in addition to unaccountable groups in addition to individuals taking key decisions behind closed doors: the ’empty rituals’ of consultation; the replacement of professional dialogue by the mono-logic discourse of power; the politicisation of the entire educational enterprise so that it becomes impossible to debate ideas or evidence which are not deemed to be ‘on message’, or which are ‘not invented here’; in addition to , latterly coming to light, financial corruption.’ (Alex in addition to er 2009b: 481; quoted in Gillard 2011) Gary McCulloch notes that New Labour’s emphasis on the ‘new professionalism’ within the teaching profession was combined with several initiatives to limit in addition to constrain teacher’s professional freedoms. To be professional is not necessarily to exercise judgement in educational matters but show fidelity to the model of teaching in addition to learning currently favoured by Whitehall.

Richard Rorty talks of a profound practical-moral obligation to defend the openness of human conversation against all those temptations in addition to real threats that seek closure.Philosophy in addition to the Mirror of Nature (1979:359).When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.Psychotherapist Irving Yalom attributes to Nietzsche in Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death (2008:96)

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.dialectic is nothing but the art of conducting a conversation in addition to especially of revealing the mistakes in one’s opinions through the process of questioning in addition to yet further questioning. Here, then, the dialectic is negative; it confuses one’s opinions. But this kind of confusion means at the same time a clarification, as long as it opens one’s eyes to the thing’ Hans-Georg Gadamer Truth in addition to Method (1975: 464)There can be no more liberating influence than the knowledge that things have not always been so, in addition to need not remain as they are.Brian Simon The History of Education (1966:109)

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