Personal Statements Why What to Write Structure Examples

Personal Statements Why What to Write Structure Examples

Personal Statements Why What to Write Structure Examples

Turner, Rob, Co-Owner and Co-Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Personal StatementsWilliam Morris Sixth Form – 23/06/2015 Sophie WilshawWhat we will cover today: 2Presentation titleWho reads your applicationWhy should you spend a lot of time on your personal statementWhat should you include in addition to leave outHow do you complete a successful personal statementWho UCAS process all applications UCAS aren’t involved in the decision making Application Form sent to Admissions Staff at all five universities Processing takes one day then you will be sent an application number in addition to booklet Subject tutors from each university will read your personal statementsRemember: it is a real-life person who is reading your application as long as m. They will be reading lots of personal statements in addition to yours should st in addition to out as long as the right reasons.Presentation title 3

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WhyPresentation title 4Why write a personal statement It is a compulsory part of the UCAS as long as m Helps with your CV now in addition to in the future Helps you focus on what you really want Chance to st in addition to out over other students with the same grades 450,000 applicants in addition to 2.5 million applications to HE Competition is tough!What to WritePresentation title 6

Why you are applying – your ambitions in addition to what interests you about the subject in addition to higher education in general What makes you suitable – any relevant skills, experience or achievements gained from education, work or other activities Presentation title 7Your opportunity to sell yourself Ensure your personal statement has a structure in addition to organise the material clearly Make the content relevant in addition to current Show an awareness of your subject Write in an enthusiastic, concise in addition to natural style – nothing too complex Make it attention grabbing! Only put in things you are prepared to talk about if called as long as interview Think about the impression you want to give Make it individual – all about you!Presentation title 8Exp in addition to upon your Interests in addition to Experiences It makes the statement more convincingMore personal if you give specificsExplain why an experience or activity makes you a good c in addition to idateDemonstrate your own interestPresentation title 9

Applying to multiple coursesRemember that you only write one personal statementJoint degree Explain why you are interested in both subjectsContrasting Subjects Try in addition to identify the common themesE.G Problem solving or Creativity Presentation title 10Structure Presentation title 11Examples of what you may like to include Choice of courseWhy have you applied to studyWhy are you interested in this courseMotivation – why this particular coursePossible career aims/ ambitionsWork experience or voluntary work, in addition to skills gainedCommunications, IT, numericalPersonal, e.g decision-making skills, working in a teamVoluntary work Positions of responsibilityPresentation title 12

School / College experienceWhat have you learnt about from your current studies What skills have you developedAdditional positions of responsibilityHow would you describe your college experienceSporting involvementTeams /clubs– what have you learned What skills have you gainedHave you recently participated in any eventsAny positions of responsibility Any medals/awardsPresentation title 13Out of school/college activities in addition to interestsHobbies in addition to interests; what skills have you gained from these Any rewards or achievementsHow would you describe yourself What are your strengthsHolidays in addition to travelConcluding statementWhat are you looking as long as ward to at University What can your offerIf you plan to defer entry, say what you plan to do in addition to how you feel it will benefit youPresentation title 14ExamplesPresentation title 15

Example 1Dear reader, I underst in addition to that there are many people who want to study at your university, each one is different, unique, capable of giving in addition to willing to take. Why should I choose I can give you your diligence, I want to learn, gain knowledge that you can give me. I hope to grant the chance to learn in addition to be a better society. Sincerely, .Presentation title 16Presentation title 17What to avoidUsing slang or colloquialisms- ‘ennit!’ Underestimating the skills you gain from part-time work Exaggerating Assuming that the reader knows about you Repeating in as long as mation that is elsewhere on the as long as m Predicted grades/ subjects studied Trying to include too muchPlagiarism!Presentation title 18

Reasons as long as unsuccessful applicationsYour personal statement does not strongly support your desire to study your chosen degree.Your personal statement did not show sufficient underst in addition to ing, relevance or knowledge about the course you are applying as long as .You failed to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in addition to interest in the subject in your personal statement.There is a lot of competition as long as places on this course in addition to your personal statement in addition to experience was not as strong as other applicants this year.Application as long as m (including personal statement, reference in addition to predicted grades) does not evidence accurate underst in addition to ing of or motivation as long as subject.Presentation title 19Subject!Subject!Subject!Introduction Example Something about Law draws me in; the theatrics in addition to delicacy of arguments are an art as long as m in their own right. Often thriving in almost impossible situations, lawyers bring justice to those who deserve it. My natural attraction to this career path started with a Mock Trial per as long as mance. While the illegal importation of Chinchillas wasn’t the most emotive in addition to interesting of crimes, I found myself becoming strongly involved finding loop holes in evidence in addition to witness statements. From then on I knew Law was as long as me, in addition to I was resolute in becoming a lawyer. Presentation title 20Experiences Example“I worked in a solicitors office as long as my work experience”Provide context in addition to show what you have learnt“In July 2007 I spent two weeks on a placement at Elias, Smith in addition to Jones, a solicitors’ firm in Colchester specialising in family law in addition to personal injuries. During that time I shadowed a partner, attended a child custody hearing in addition to also had the opportunity to work closely with a Para-legal as they prepared a compensation claim. This has given me an insight into the variety of work in a small firm, in addition to has emphasised to me the importance of a thorough grounding in contact law”.Presentation title 21

How to applyPresentation title 22HowApply online at UCASUse Times New Roman/Arial, font 12ptWrite first on Word or a document editor, so you can check easily check grammar in addition to spelling Write enough to fill the space47 lines or 4,000 charactersWrite in paragraphs or short statements. Proof read. Even better, get someone else to read it Presentation title 23Any QuestionsThank You Presentation title 24

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