Persuasive Essay Persuasive essay is Main Structure Introduction Thesis Body Paragraphs

Persuasive Essay Persuasive essay is Main Structure Introduction Thesis Body Paragraphs

Persuasive Essay Persuasive essay is Main Structure Introduction Thesis Body Paragraphs

Miller, Jeff, Features and Entertainment Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Persuasive Essay Objective: To create a persuasive essay Persuasive essay is An essay which tries to convince a reader to believe what you believe about a certain topic. Main Structure Introduction Includes a thesis statement that states your opinion Body paragraph I Includes a reason supported by proof Body paragraph II Includes a reason supported by proof Conclusion Clinches the reader

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Introduction Thesis If the thesis is not a clear (wishy-washy) statement of opinion you will have trouble structuring an argument Body Paragraphs In a persuasive essay reasons are the whys that make-up your argument. Example: Thesis statement: Broccoli should be banned from the school cafeteria. Reasons: 1. Nobody likes broccoli 2. Broccoli smells up the cafeteria 3. The school has no right to as long as ce students to eat broccoli Each reason will become the topic of a body paragraph. The first sentence of each paragraph should state the reason simply in addition to clearly Appeals to the facts Facts, figures in addition to statistics always look impressive to readers. Example 72% of all students in this school agree that broccoli smells terrible.

Appeals to reason When you don’t have facts at your disposal, you can try to sway your audience with arguments that will make logical sense to them. Example: Reason; Broccoli smells up the cafeteria. Detail: If the cafeteria reeks of broccoli, aides will try to get out of lunch duty in addition to older students will stop using the cafeteria completely. This can only hurt the school. Appeals to emotion This aims straight at people’s desires, fears in addition to prejudices. Use only if you do not have facts or the facts are against you Detail: It is child abuse to as long as ce children against their will to eat in addition to smell disgusting food that they hate. Once you have a topic You need to think it over in addition to decide Purpose: Why am I writing this This is a persuasive essay so you are getting someone else to think like you do. Audience: You are writing to your English/farmer teacher so you need to use proper mechanics. Structure: What structure should my essay have (4 paragraph as long as mat)

Please do not slaughter me! Give two great reasons why one should not eat turkey on Thanksgiving examples: fattening Turkeys are injected with growth hormones Tryptophan Evidence Using resources around you determine factual reasons Examples: High in fat Growth hormones Tryptophan Some DOS Do Divide into 4 paragraphs Have a thesis in your intro Come up with two main points to support your argument Have a conclusion that contains a clincher sentence Come up with a catchy title

And DON’Ts Don’t Begin with “hello my name is- in addition to I am going to write about –.” Take out the word I Be wishy washy. Pick a side Forget to support your opinions with facts in addition to examples Include dialogue The wrap up As a general guideline, when writing a persuasive essay Have a firm opinion that you want your reader to accept. Begin with a grabber or hook to get the reader’s attention. Offer evidence to support your opinion. Try in addition to think of rebuttal statements Conclude with a restatement of what you want the reader to do or believe. NOW Make an outline of what you are about to write. Intro with thesis statement Body I Topic sentence Evidence Closer that clenches your idea Body II Topic sentence Evidence Closer that clenches your idea Conclusion Bring it home

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