Philip Diamond RadioNet Coordinator University of Manchester Jodrell Bank Observ

Philip Diamond RadioNet Coordinator University of Manchester Jodrell Bank Observ

Philip Diamond RadioNet Coordinator University of Manchester Jodrell Bank Observ

Long, Angie, Lifestyles Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Philip Diamond RadioNet Coordinator University of Manchester Jodrell Bank Observatory FP7 RadioNet in addition to CCAT: 13 September 2006 Cardiff European Radio Astronomy European Radio Astronomy

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The near future Yebes 40m 2006 (commissioning) SCUBA-2 2006/7 LOFAR 2006/7 e-MERLIN 2008 Sardinia 64m 2008 ALMA 2009+ e-EVN 2009 In addition, EVLA will be coming on-line . in addition to the SKA + its pathfinders KAT in addition to MIRA RadioNet Partners & Mission RadioNet has 24 partners: most of the major radio astronomy facilities in addition to laboratories involved in technology development. Grew out of 25 years of cooperation in the European VLBI Network. Coordinated by Univ. of Manchester, UK Remit is to support the European radio astronomy community in addition to to enhance the European radio astronomy facilities RadioNet was awarded €12.4M by the EC Is becoming a major factor in our plans as long as planning the future of European radio astronomy. Scope of FP6 RadioNet Trans-National Access (TNA) Effelsberg, EVN, IRAM (PdB & PV), JCMT, MERLIN, OSO-20m, WSRT Joint Research Activities (JRA) ALBUS: algorithm in addition to software as long as interferometry AMSTAR: developing new mm/submm devices in addition to instrumentation PHAROS: developing 5 GHz prototype FPA Networking Activities (NA) science, engineering, (software), ALMA, spectrum management; planning as long as the future

FP7 Planning Meeting in Volterra in April 2006 to plan FP7 RadioNet Expected size: Build a proposal aiming at ~ €20-25M, dependent on advice from DG-Research. Will have TNAs, Networks in addition to JRAs FP7 will run as long as 6/7 years – maybe too long as long as an I3 Principles: The strategy must be science-driven. Exploite new in addition to strategic instruments owned in addition to operated by Europe, e.g. e-MERLIN, e-EVN, PdB, upgraded single-dishes, LOFAR, ALMA in addition to SKA Enunciate clear goal as long as the inclusion of a particular R&D area Ensure that we educate in addition to train the next generation of astronomers in addition to engineers: Think strategically in addition to on European-scale, not nationally Summary of 20 April Meeting JRAs – 4/5 major areas have emerged FPAs : develop next generation of phased in addition to horn arrays, move from (generally) conceptual in addition to R&D phase to deployment of large-scale arrays as long as astronomy, from GHz – THz Clearly enhances existing facilities but also very relevant as long as the future. Focal Plane Arrays are science multipliers

Continuation of AMSTAR AMSTAR+ : Very Large Format FPAs at mm/submm wavelengths in addition to State of the Art Methodologies at THz frequencies Wideb in addition to SIS mixers with integrated HEMT amplifiers. Compact 2SB in addition to SSB SIS mixers. Extension of this work to the THz domain with HEBs in addition to SIS mixers. Local oscillators as long as large focal plane mm/submm array receivers in addition to as long as THz frequencies. Development of cryogenic 3-mm MMIC amplifiers in collaboration with a European foundry. Development of new detector technologies as long as broadb in addition to continuum in addition to spectral line signal observations. Construction of scaled prototype of a very large millimeter-wave heterodyne FPA. Other possible JRAs Algorithm development, especially as long as interferometry, has been under-resourced as long as > decade. One major software JRA: Continuation of ALBUS, ParselTongue Radio interferometry algorithm development in modern environment; software/algorithms as long as FPAs Distributed/parallel computing as long as large datasets Digital systems: CORFU – next generation correlator development Next generation pulsar timing equipment VLBI backends Clock distribution as long as SKA : relevant now, e-MERLIN, e-EVN Networks Science workshop activity: Coordinates workshops in different areas : general science themes, mm/submm-related themes (separate in FP6); pulsar meetings; panchromatic workshops supporting SKA science case. Activity running schools & maybe science personnel exchanges: m/dm/cm/mm/submm interferometry schools Single-dish schools YERAC Solar physics schools Spectrum management Schools Training in best engineering practice

Other possible Networks Geonet – link geodesy to European astronomy activities LOFAR across Europe: planning, RFI, long-baseline calibration strategies SKA non-astronomy applications QASP as long as E. European antennas Space VLBI – preparation as long as VSOP-2. Will now happen, so important we organise ourselves. ESKAC Policy / Industrial links TNAs Strong case as long as major existing facilities (but all should be re-examined) Several major new instruments coming on-line soon in addition to in FP7 period – LOFAR, Yebes, SRT Other large facilities : NRT, GMVA Smaller, more focused facilities : INAF 32ms, APEX (Swedish time), Nancay radioheliograph, AMI/VSA Timeline Will be relative to issuance of Call as long as Proposals in addition to date of proposal submission (To). Believe To will be ~Dec 2007, i.e. 2nd call within FP7 Timeline: Set deadline of 15Feb07 as long as receipt of more developed ideas June07 months : institute peer review process as long as TNAs July07 months : 2nd & final FP7 planning meeting, emerge with final list of projects; decide on new membership Oct07 months : fully developed project proposals to be received, small team start development of overall proposal 15Nov07 month : Board approves FP7 proposal 1Dec07 – submit

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