Phys 1111K Spring 2005 Introduction Main Sections Ch 1 Pre Requisites St in addition to ards in addition to Units

Phys 1111K Spring 2005 Introduction Main Sections Ch 1 Pre Requisites St in addition to ards in addition to Units

Phys 1111K Spring 2005 Introduction Main Sections Ch 1 Pre Requisites St in addition to ards in addition to Units

True, Margot, Food Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Phys 1111K Spring 2005 Course Overview Dr. Perera Room: 507 Science Annex Phone: 651-2709, 3221/3222 Introduction What is Physics Underst in addition to ing nature Laws of Physics Wide spread impact on modern technology Every minute of your life is involved in Physics Needs in addition to Uses Even without knowing it A Fundamental Science Welcome to Introduction to Physics Main Sections Kinematics Classical Mechanics (Chs 1-10) both Transnational in addition to Rotational Dynamics Fluid Mechanics (Ch 11) Thermodynamics (Chs 12-13) Heat Temperature

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Ch 1 Pre Requisites Co-ordinate System (Cartesian) Trigonometry Pythagorean Theorem Sin Cos Pythagorean Theorem Tan Algebra Quadratic Equations Powers of 10 Symbols x, , n, p St in addition to ards in addition to Units Why do we need st in addition to ard units King Louis Yard Royal foot SI Units Le System International Units meter : Light travels in a vacuum in time of 1/ 299792458 seconds kilogram : St in addition to ard cylinder of Pl-Iridium alloy at room temperature second : Cs-133 atomic clock – time as long as 9192631770 wave cycles to occur

Conversion of Units 1 meter = 100 centimeter = 1000 millimeter (mm) 103 meter = 1000 meters = 1 kilometer 0.001 meter = 10-3 meter = 1 millimeter 3.281 feet = 1 meter 5280 feet = 1 mile 3600 seconds = 1 hour 0.65 miles / hour = 95 feet / second = 29 meters / second Significant Figures Keep the same number of significant figures in the answer as in the least accurate number 3.5 × 10.6 = 37 (not 37.1) 0 ± 0.1 0 ± 0.1 35 39 Uncertainty : Quality of the apparatus Skill of the experimenter Number of measurements Dimensional Analysis Distance – [L] Mass – [M] Time – [T] Check whether an equation is mathematically correct Find an unknown exponent

Vectors in addition to Scalars Addition in addition to subtraction Multiplying by a number Components Vector addition by Components Vector addition by Graphing Vector Addition (Due East) Resultant Displacement R = A+ B Due East in addition to then Due north R = A +B 5 = 4 +3 Find Theta What if Vectors are not Perpendicular Can we say R = A +B But Pythagorean Theorem valid Graphical Technique A = 275 m, B =125 m Scale 1 cm = 10 m R = 228 m

Vector Components r = X + Y r A, X Ax Y AY Different Axes Vector Components depend on the orientation of the axes Scalar components (With positive or negative sign) Adding Vectors Using Components C = A +B, C = Cx + CY A = Ax +Ay CX = B = Bx + By CY =

Example 8 A+B=R A=Ax+Ay B=Bx+By Note By is in negative direction. Example 8 (continued) Example 8 (continued)

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