Physics Engines What is a Physics Engine Real Time Physic Engines Concepts Bodies

Physics Engines What is a Physics Engine Real Time Physic Engines Concepts Bodies

Physics Engines What is a Physics Engine Real Time Physic Engines Concepts Bodies

Wheeler, C.J., Executive Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal CS4455 Physics Engines Maribeth G in addition to y Jeff Wilson Clint Doriot CS 4455 What is a Physics Engine Provides physics simulation in a virtual environment High Precision vs. Real Time Real Time requires a lot of approximations Can be used in creative ways CS 4455 Real Time Physic Engines Havok (commercial), Newton (closed source), Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) (open source), Aegia PhysX (accelerator board available) Unity PhysX integration Rigidbodies Soft Bodies Joints Ragdoll Physics Cloth Cars

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CS 4455 Concepts Forces Rigid Bodies Box, sphere, capsule, character mesh etc. Constraints Collision Detection Can be used by itself with no dynamics CS 4455 Bodies Rigid Movable (Dynamic) Kinematic Unity’s IsKinematic = false You are not controlling the velocity & position, Unity is doing that Unmovable (Static) Infinite mass Properties Mass, dynamic/static friction, restitution (bounciness), softness Anisotropic friction (skateboard) Mesh shapes with per triangle materials (terrain) CS 4455 Bodies Position Orientation Velocity Angular Velocity These values are a result of as long as ces

CS 4455 Collisions Bounding boxes (collision hulls) reduce complexity of collision calculation Made from the primitives mentioned be as long as e Boxes, capsules etc. How your model is encapsulated determines accuracy, in addition to computational requirements Collision groups Tweak simulation, game play, path planning CS 4455 Forces Force constant Impulse Instantaneous Vector in addition to magnitude Acceleration in addition to smooth options available Torque (spin) CS 4455 Connectors Joints Restrict motion between actors, rotation in addition to translation Constraints Projection mode (amount of joint separation allowed) Actors collidable or not (bendable) Restitution Revolute (hinge) Spherical (three degrees of freedom) Prismatic (shock absorber), cylindrical joints Point on line (shower curtain) Pulley

CS 4455 Connectors Spring Joint with natural resting angle Force Damping Joint Motor (apply relative torque) Breakable joints (max as long as ce, max torque) CS 4455 Constraints Hard Never violated In reality will be violated by errors in simulation Soft Designed to be violated Joint constraints Degrees of freedom, linear/angular amounts Freeze flags (position in addition to rotation) Linear in addition to angular damping In absence of friction in addition to collision (wind resistance) CS 4455 Deactivation Limit actors awake in simulation Sleep linear in addition to angular velocity Bounce threshold (stops vibration)

CS 4455 Ragdoll Physics Create human in addition to other figures that move realistically Simplified skeleton Collection of rigid bodies (bones) Connected by hinges or springs (joints) Joints have no stiffness Hence “ragdoll” kinematic objects useful “Trespasser” first game to use Complex to combine this with animations Blended ragdoll Other complex constructions made from components Rope, grass, cloth, particles systems, vehicles CS 4455 Putting it all in motion Set gravity vector Apply as long as ces to bodies Adjust joint parameters as necessary Call collision detection Step the simulation based on time Tradeoff of speed in addition to accuracy Substeps Fixed update Keep the graphics object in addition to physics object in synch Deactivate objects (manually or automatically) CS 4455 Why does my simulation look wrong Scale of your objects in addition to world May look wrong May cause anomalies in simulation Disconnect between graphics in addition to physics world Slow downs due to number of active objects Properties in addition to their interactions also may result in strange results Mass, Friction, magnitude of as long as ces etc. Velocities too fast as long as timestep Whips Collision detection may break down interpenetration Must move objects using the functionality of the physics engine. No “h in addition to of god” behavior

CS 4455 Things you can do with a Physics Engine Detect collisions Simulate rigid bodies under the influence of as long as ces Spring-mass systems Destructible buildings in addition to structures Ray / Shape casting Trigger Volumes Complex machines (cranes, moving plat as long as ms, pulleys, etc) Traps (avalanche of boulders) Drivable vehicles Rag doll characters Powered rag dolls Dangling props Cloth Fluid Simulations Water surface simulations in addition to buoyancy Audio propagation CS 4455 Making it fun Factors Quality of the simulation Integration with other systems Selection of physics driven gameplay elements Genres Simulations Physics Puzzle Game S in addition to box Games Goal-based or Story-driven games Trade off in control in addition to realism Design Impacts Predictability Turning in addition to control Emergent behaviors Non-static game environments

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