POL 168 Chican@/Latin@ Politics Acculturation in addition to Assimilation YouTube Clips Who Are We The Thesis Major Arguments

POL 168 Chican@/Latin@ Politics Acculturation in addition to Assimilation YouTube Clips Who Are We The Thesis Major Arguments www.phwiki.com

POL 168 Chican@/Latin@ Politics Acculturation in addition to Assimilation YouTube Clips Who Are We The Thesis Major Arguments

Romantic, Bob, Executive Sports Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Professor Jones Dept. of Political Science UC-Davis Fall 2009 POL 168 Chican@/Latin@ Politics Acculturation in addition to Assimilation What is it Why might it be important Do the changing demographics we have observed raise questions about what constitutes “an American” These are real questions that spark major debate. YouTube Clips Census Bureau PSA http://www.youtube.com/watchv=4bJoIxqgDZ4 Footage from Immigration Rally (2006) compiled by anti-immigration group: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=RM9uH4XgOmI Public Testimony in Prince William County, VA http://www.youtube.com/watchv=JjT1x23i5YU More from Virginia http://www.youtube.com/watchv=8CbGjHLCBtg&feature=related

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Acculturation Fear in addition to the Huntington Thesis Samuel Huntington Leading scholar of the 20th Century The Third Wave The Clash of Civilizations Who Are We (2004) The last book is where article comes from. The Huntington Thesis: What is it Who Are We The Thesis “Mexican immigration is leading toward the demographic reconquista of areas Americans took from Mexico by as long as ce in the 1830s in addition to 1840s, Mexicanizing them in a manner comparable to, although different from, the Cubanization that has occurred in southern Florida. It is also blurring the border between Mexico in addition to America, introducing a very different culture, while also promoting the emergence, in some areas, of a blended society in addition to culture, half-American in addition to half-Mexican. Along with immigration from other Latin American countries, it is advancing Hispanization throughout American in addition to social, lingusitic, in addition to economic practices appropriate as long as an Anglo-Hispanic society.” –S. Huntington (2004, p. 221) Major Arguments Latin American immigration poses a threat to the American creed Why Hispanic Contiguity: 2000 mile border Scale Illegality Regional Concentration Persistence Historical Presence Texan War 1835-1836 Mexican-American War 1846-1848 Aztlan Or the fear thereof.

Aztlán is the legendary ancestral home of the Nahua peoples, one of the main cultural groups in Mesoamerica. “Azteca” is the Nahuatl word as long as “people from Aztlan.” Assimilation Traditional view of immigrants is that they assimilate into the dominant cultural paradigm the American creed “The Melting Pot” Language Acquisition Proliferation of “English Only” measures Bilingual Nation Good, bad, possible Hispanization Miami “Will the last American to leave Miami, please bring the flag.” Reconquista Names (Social Security Admin) http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/namesbystate.html Incentives to assimilate The Americano Dream

Acculturation Fear Is there ample evidence to sustain Huntington’s argument Perhaps the real question is this: Suppose many Americans thought in the manner of Huntington’s Argument Might have some testable hypotheses Hate Crimes Anti-immigrant/Latino legislation Hate Crime Data (FBI) Implications of all this The real issue of Huntington’s argument is the “what-if” question. in addition to the implications of this as long as Hispanics, particularly immigrants.

Responses to Huntingon Met with widespread controversy, particularly among Latina/o scholars. Testable hypotheses Hispanics should look “differently” on a variety of indicators. Enter Citrin et al Citrin Response What is assimilation “To become similar to ” What does this entail (Discuss!) What are the “markers” of assimilation What does it mean to you Does (or should) “assimilation” mean something different now than in previous periods of immigration. Assimilation: English Language Acquisition Generational differences Fig 1: Citrin et al. (Speak only English OR speak English very well)

Language Use Language Dominance Huntington supposition: refusal or unwillingness to learn English. What are some factors precipitating language acquisition Education Age Local context Hispanic concentration Citrin et al’s results Language Use Main results in Table 1 Generational effects are strong But with time-in-country comes education. Note differences across levels of education in addition to generations. Note also the impact of Hispanic Concentration Other Indicators English only opinion National Identity Patriotism BOTTOM LINE

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