Politics of Leisure in addition to Recreation: Self-Cultivation in Communities of Learning Student’s Testimonial

Politics of Leisure in addition to Recreation: Self-Cultivation in Communities of Learning Student’s Testimonial www.phwiki.com

Politics of Leisure in addition to Recreation: Self-Cultivation in Communities of Learning Student’s Testimonial

Holifield, Lisa, News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Politics of Leisure in addition to Recreation: Self-Cultivation in Communities of Learning Anthro 1612 April 17, 2008 Ethnography of a “Leisured Madam” – Y k a n – have – leisure, quietude, tranquility Salarymen at Work in addition to Play

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Upper Middle Class Housewife Relationship with Public Sphere is through her family Venerated as Mother Educator of Children Manager of Household Wife Just a Housewife Three meals in addition to a nap Engage in Dalliances Immersed in Leisure pursuits No Job Stigma of Wealth Are they Worthy Subjects Objective Explore Embodied Dance as a as long as m of Re-creation Self-Trans as long as mation Social Change

2. Noh Dance in addition to Song – Tokyo, Suginami Ward Daytime Occupation of Amateur Noh Dancers Women in their 50s, who mainly belong to occupational category of “housewife”, minority are teachers, writers, judges, doctors What do they Do Body Sculpting

Endure Rigorous Pedagogy Arduous Training: 8 hour days of lessons 100s of hours of practice between classes Teacher Strict in addition to Reduces Students to nothing Student’s Testimonial Tsurumi Sensei (Teahcer) glared at me. ‘Sing, Ozawa-san. Now!’ We sang the first three lines of the kiri section of the song in unison . Eventually, I felt a sort of shedding of all – of all my thoughts, my pride. I was reduced to a mass of humility in addition to ef as long as t as I repeated line after line with her, enunciating in addition to articulating the words of the song. High Financial outlay: Lessons, costumes, drums, trips, food, gifts, travel = $30,000

Why Subject Yourself to this Training Various responses: “I do it to get away from my retired husb in addition to .” “I wanted a career but never had one. That’s why I decided to become a practitioner of Noh, per as long as m in recitals, in addition to sponsor this ancient art.” “The unending spiral of learning helps me feel that life will go on as long as ever.” “I dance to preserve my independence in old age. I don’t want to be a burden on my family when I’m in my 80s.” “My body is something I can control in addition to keep on sculpting, no matter what befalls me.”

“Over the course of a life, marriage, childbirth, aging, in addition to many life events befall a woman in this society. Much of it is beyond my control. Noh dance is something that I can incorporate into my body But I can sculpt my body.” Cultivating Mushin Nothingness “I as long as get myself.” “My body is the instrument through which I attain a state of nothingness.” Women’s Dance in All-Male Theater http://www.youtube.com/watchv=MUTG6N0KFj4

Mushin Buddhist Concept state of consciousness in which thoughts in addition to objects of perception arise in addition to float away without an individual as long as ming an attachment to them attained through disciplined embodied practice American Psychology Flow Czikszentmihalyi Energized, focused, full involvement, in addition to success in process of activity “completely involved in activity as long as its own sake Subjective experience of time is altered Loss of feeling of self-consciousness Revisit the Skeptics in addition to Critics: Romanticization of Embodied Self-Cultivation Seduction of physical mastery makes it an opiate Social in addition to political problems become recast in individualistic terms self-cultivation better seen as “diagnostic” of power rather than trans as long as mation

Counterargument Nothingness: resource individuals develop to move out of oppressive states leads to inner change in addition to changed perception of the world even though objective status remains same When structures can’t change, individuals mobilize Two Case Studies 1. Pugilism – Chicago South Side 2. Noh Dance – Tokyo Moore’s Stakes 1. take seriously what amateur dancers say about their avocation 2. Explore Noh dancing as a as long as m of “re-creation” I.e. trans as long as mation of the self in addition to hence trans as long as mation in experience of the social structures that oppress in addition to marginalize them e.g. gender asymmetries in marriage in addition to Japanese society

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