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POWER ARTIST RED HAWK Impact of technology

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EE222 Winter 2013- 5 ProjectsResonant Clock as long as Energy RecoveryInterconnects as long as CMOS TopologyAsynchronous Design TechniquesLow Power Computer ArchitectureMemristive MemoryF2: VLSI Power-Management Techniques: Principles in addition to ApplicationsOrganizer/Chair: Lel in addition to Chang, IBM, Yorktown Heights, NY Co-Chair: Shannon Morton, NVIDIA, Bristol, United KingdomCommittee: Ken Chang, Xilinx, San Jose, CA Lel in addition to Chang, IBM, Yorktown Heights, NY Jin-Man Han, Samsung, Hwasung, KoreaPiero Malcovati, University of Pavia, Pavia, ItalyShannon Morton, NVIDIA, Bristol, United KingdomVladimir Stojanovic, MIT, Cambridge, MA Across the spectrum of microelectronics applications, power management is critical to enabling of power-efficient products. This Forum will provide practicing circuit designers witha summary of power-management techniques, including perspectives from a wide range ofproduct applications, in addition to an outlook as long as the future in the context of coming challenges. Thefirst four speakers in this Forum will present the general principles in development today, including power-gating in addition to state-retention modes, PLL/DLL techniques as long as dynamic frequencyscaling, integrated voltage regulators as long as dynamic voltage scaling, in addition to low-power signaling.In the second half, four speakers representing different industry perspectives, including microprocessors, consumer electronics, microcontrollers in addition to mobile, in addition to DRAM, will utilizepractical case studies to detail current usage of power-management techniques in addition to speculateon future trends.08:20 Introduction Lel in addition to Chang, IBM, Yorktown Heights, NY 08:30 Advanced Power-Gating in addition to State-Retention Approaches to Leakage-Power Reduction David Flynn, ARM, Cambridge, United Kingdom09:20 Clocking Techniques as long as Dynamic Frequency Scaling Jaeha Kim, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea10:10 Break10:35 Dynamic Voltage Scaling Using On-Chip Voltage Regulation Gu-Yeon Wei, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 11:25 Power Management in High-Per as long as mance I/O Jared Zerbe, Rambus, Sunnyvale, CA 12:15 Lunch13:20 Fine-Grain Power Management in Microprocessors Vivek De, Intel, Hillsboro, OR 14:10 A Key to Power Management as long as Digital Consumer Applications Yukihiro Urakawa, Toshiba, Kawasaki, Japan15:00 Break15:20 Embedded Power-Management Solutions as long as Ultra-Low-Power SoCs: Implementation Examples of Radio-Connected Microcontrollers in addition to Mobile-Application Microprocessors Frédéric Hasbani, ST Microelectronics, Crolles, France16:10 Power-Management Techniques in DRAM Design Sangho Shin, Samsung, Hwasung, Korea

Apache Ultra-Low-Power Methodology addresses today’s complex SOCs: RTL Power Analysis, Debug, in addition to Reduction with PowerArtist: Underst in addition to in addition to lower power consumption early, efficiently, in addition to effectively with a powerful graphical environment Reduce clock, memory in addition to datapath power with a range of sequential in addition to combinational automatic techniques Make reliable early power-related design decisions with power-smart, physical-aware PowerArtist Calibrator in addition to Estimator (PACE™) models Track power via regressions throughout the design flow RTL to Physical Power Integrity with PowerArtist RTL Power Model (RPM™) Per as long as m early power grid in addition to package prototyping be as long as e chip layout is available Increase power integrity sign-off coverage with worst case power cycles rapidly identified from millions of RTL vectors Seamless model-based flow from PowerArtist to RedHawk™ with RPM, in addition to RedHawk to Sentinel™ with Chip Power Model (CPM™)RTL POWER REGRESSIONRTL POWER TRADEOFF ANALYSISRTL POWER DEBUG AND REDUCTIONRTL POWER MODELEARLY POWER INTEGRITY & PACKAGE ANALYSISDESIGN IMPLEMENTATIONPOWER INTEGRITY SIGNOFFPOWER ARTISTRED HAWKAPACHE DESIGN SOLUTIONS- ULTRA LOW POWER FLOW

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