Pre-Nursing Advising as long as Registration Summer/Fall 2012Registration ProcessCOLLEG

Pre-Nursing Advising as long as Registration Summer/Fall 2012Registration ProcessCOLLEG

Pre-Nursing Advising as long as Registration Summer/Fall 2012Registration ProcessCOLLEG

Sunnucks, Mike, Political and Economics Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Pre-Nursing Advising as long as Registration Summer/Fall 2012Registration ProcessCOLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCESCollege of health sciencesStudent Services StaffLaurie Richards, Student Services Specialist/Secretary Telephone: (574) 520-4571, NS456BSarah Ambler, Academic Advisor saambler@iusb.eduJanet Gilroy, Director jgilroy@iusb.eduDanielle Chapman in addition to Haley Miskin, Peer MentorsOffice location: NS450. Hours posted on door.College of Health sciencesPlanning is bringing the future into the present so thatYOU can do something about it.H in addition to s-on trainingInnovative teachingMotivated faculty

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COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCESLet Us Dispel The Rumors About Registration at IU South Bend“Why should I register the week of March 26 -30, 2012” Because you want the best selection of classes as long as spring.“Is it true that I cannot get permission as long as PHSL-P 261 or MICR-M 250/M255 without taking CHEM-C102” That is absolutely correct! Chem-C102 is the prerequisite as long as both P261 in addition to M250/M255.“I want to set an advising appointment.” If you want an advising appointment to discuss registration, between now in addition to March 26, you may call or stop by Laurie’s office to set an appointment. Tuesday’s are always walk-ins in addition to beginning the week of March 26-30 we will be conducting walk-in advising only.Remember, this is not a registration appointment. This is to discuss yourschedule as long as spring.COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCESSummer/Fall 2012 RegistrationSummary of In as long as mation to-date: Registration packet mailing (mailed by March 5, 2012) to assist you with checking your OneStart account in addition to choosing your courses. Included in the packet are: Updated Plan of Study (POS)Course sequencing in as long as mationScholarship/Grant In as long as mationStudent Nurse Association (SNA) in as long as mationAny last minute, important in as long as mationCOLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCESPlan of Study (POS)Your plan of study shows you what courses you have taken in addition to helps you project courses that you should consider registering as long as in summer/fall 2012.Details Placement Test ResultsProvides Science sequence. Remember 100 level = freshman, 200 level = sophomore, etc.Courses highlighted are those courses you will be judged on as long as admission into the BSN program.

Placement Exam ResultsCourses highlighted in blue are the required courses as long as application to BSN. These will be calculated as application gpa in addition to science gpa.Courses in yellow (on left side) are the required General Education courses in addition to should be taken simultaneously with required prerequisitesRequired developmental courses based on Placement Exam Results.Last advisor to review record.Nursing courses once accepted into the BSN program. Once accepted, it will take 2 ½ years to complete your nursing degree.Pre-Nursing POSCHEM-C 101/121 required if earned a grade of C or below in HS (last 3 yrs.) or cannot remember basic principles & solving equations.Pre-BSN POS as long as transfer students with 56+ credit hours in transfer.Highlighted courses are required prerequisite courses as long as admission into the BSN program. CHEM-C 101/121 may be a prerequisite to CHEM-C 102 if you do not have a full year of HS Chem with a grade of C or better within past 3 yrs., in addition to can remember basic principles of chemistry.Required developmental courses based on placement exam results. Last advisor to review record.Required Nursing courses once admitted into the clinical program. Once admitted, it will take 2 ½ years to complete nursing degree.Second Degree BSN POS ( as long as merly known as Accelerated BSN)All courses on the left side of the Plan of Study must be completed prior to beginning the clinical program. This is your application gpa. Also, a science gpa will be calculated from the science courses. Last advisor to review.Required Nursing in addition to clinical courses once accepted into the Second Degree BSN program track.

Pre-RN-BSN POS Last advisor to review record.Required Sciences & electiveRequired General Education Electives in addition to Open Electives.Pre-RN-BSN students are ready to begin clinical program (online or in-class) once they have 6 credit hrs. or less of electives remaining to complete. Students must apply in addition to be accepted to clinical program.Remaining Nursing in addition to clinical once admitted.Credit awarded as long as previous ASN degree.College of health sciencesREMEMBERAll courses as long as Nursing degrees require a grade of C or better. Grades of C- in addition to below are deficient in addition to must be repeated.If this pertains to you, please read the REPEAT POLICY found on page 135 of the 2011-2013 IU South Bend Bulletin.All policies as long as IU South Bend campus can be found in the CAMPUS BULLETIN online at that Affect Enrollment: Grade Replacement PolicyYou may grade replace three courses or a maximum of 10 credit hours. The secondgrade will be calculated in your cumulative-grade-point-average. You must requestStudent Services to process paperwork after you have received your grade in addition to successfully completed the repeat. Email, call or stop in. The Registrar’s Officeprocesses that paperwork in addition to it can take up to two weeks as long as processing dependingon the time of year. For more in as long as mation refer to page 30 of the 2011-2013 IU SouthBend Bulletin.

policiesPre-nursing Choosing ElectivesCommon Core Electives (190 & 390/299)Remember one of your Common Core Electives must be at a 390/399 level. Your Common Core Electives are N, T in addition to A.One of which must be at the 390/399 level.All other General Education descriptions including approved courses can be found in the current IU South Bend 2011-2013 Campus Bulletin, pages 35-40.A listing of electives (Non-Western Cultures, Common Core, etc.) can be offered as long as spring 2012 will be posted on the General Education Committee web site at: statistics requirementYou may choose one of the following courses to fulfill your Statistics requirement. Remember, all are at the 300 level.MATH-K 300 – Fall onlyNURS-H 355 – Fall, Spring in addition to SummerPSY-P 354 – Fall, Spring (occasionally summer)SOC-S 351 – Fall, Spring (occasionally summer)Departmental permission must be secured as long as each of the above courses through the appropriate department. For NURS-H 355, Janet Gilroy or Sarah Ambler can grant permission.

Science sequence For Pre-Nursing students (including Second Degree BSN) the science sequencing of courses remains the same.Completion of MATH-M 107 or Placement Test score of level 4 or better.CHEM-C 1-1/121, Elementary Chemistry I with lab (Exception: If you graduated HS within past 3 years in addition to had one full year of HS Chemistry (not integrated Chem/Physics in addition to you can remember basic principles, you can bypass C101/121 in addition to move to .Chem-C 102, Elementary Chemistry II, 3 credits hoursPHSL-P 261 (prerequisite CHEM-C 102)MICR-M 250/M255 (prerequisite CHEM-C 102) To request a seat in PHSL-P261 or MICR-M 250/M255 you need to contact Angela Huff, Biology/Chemistry Secretary, Northside 137, beginning March 19th. You must have completed CHEM-C102 to gain permission. If you are currently enrolled in CHEM-C102 you must wait until the week of March 26, in addition to currently have a grade of B to request a seat. If you do not have a B, you must wait until the end of the semester in addition to earn a grade of C or better. Refer to registration packet letter.Science sequence continued Dr. Clark will allow students in PHSL-P 261 to secure a seat in PHSL-P 262 if they currently have a grade of B. If you do not, you must wait until the end of the semester in addition to earn a final grade of C or better. For permission, see Angela Huff, Northside 137, beginning the week of March 26.If you enroll in M250/M255 in addition to need to withdraw from M250, you must withdraw from both.PHSL-P 261 offered in Fall in addition to Spring semesters.PHSL-P 262 offered in Spring in addition to Summer IMICR-M 250/M255 offered in Fall, Spring in addition to Summer II.BSN Program as long as Fall 2012If you have applied as long as the BSN program, laptops are required as long as all Clinical Nursing students entering the programs May 2012 or after.Look as long as the flyers included in your registration mailing packet as long as laptop computer hardware minimum recommendations in addition to in as long as mation.

Admission into BSN is competitiveYour application as long as admission into the BSN clinical program will be reviewed as long as :Your success in all courses required on the applicationYour success in the required science coursesCompletion of the application requirementsEssayInterview (2nd Degree BSN only)All courses listed on application are completed by the appropriate time2nd Degree BSN: SpringTraditional BSN: Fall as long as Spring; Summer I as long as FallCollege of health sciencesAre you ready to register as long as Summer/Fall 2012COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCESCHECK your OneStart Account as long as your registration date in addition to time. Also check as long as holds or Service indicators that prohibit registrationYour OneStart account holds must be taken care of 24-48 hours prior to your registration date in addition to time.This is your responsibility

Holds: Financial, Immunization, Advising. Contact the appropriate office as long as resolution.Check your registration appointment. This is your first opportunity to register as long as classes online. Will provide time in addition to date when your ability to register is active.When selecting CHEM-C 101/121, you are registering as long as 4 things: C101 – lecture in addition to discussion; C121 – lecture in addition to lab.Set-up your shopping cart with proposed classes.Register on-time. This will insure first in addition to best opportunity to secure seats in the course you have selected.If you physically do not know how to register, choose your classes in addition to on your time/date go to the Gateway In as long as mation Center, Administration Building (main lobby), in addition to they will assist you with inputting your class selections into the computer.Summary: Check Onestart account as long as the followingPrepare in addition to PlanThis concludes your Summer/Fall 2012 Advising as long as Registration. Thank you as long as reviewing registration policies in addition to procedures.- Student Services

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