Pre-Workout Benefits of Pre-Workout Meals Pre-Workout & Post-Workout Nutrition


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Pre-Workout Benefits of Pre-Workout Meals Pre-Workout & Post-Workout Nutrition

College of New Rochelle, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Pre-Workout & Post-Workout Nutrition Benefits of Pre-Workout Meals Enhanced Performance Increased Energy Nutrition is in consideration of maintaining Readily available blood sugar in consideration of energy Caloric intake should be sufficient so that support your exercise intensity Skipping meals before exercise may cause fatigue, dizziness, poor performance, low energy Pre-Workout When should I eat? -consume two hours before so that allow digestion time -consume one hour before at LATEST -consuming a large amount of food before working out can impair performance -blood is more concentrated in stomach in consideration of digestion rather than in muscles in consideration of performance -Drink plenty of fluids in addition to water before, during, in addition to after exercise

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Pre-Workout What Should I Eat? -Carbohydrates in addition to fats are important sources of energy during exercise -Low-intensity exercise= fat as main source -High-intensity exercise= carbohydrates as main source -Should consist of carbohydratess, a small amount of healthy fat, in addition to some protein -Simple carbohydrates digest more quickly leaving you less full/bloated in consideration of exercise Pre-Workout Great Options: A piece of wheat toast alongside 1 tbsp. reduced fat peanut butter Scrambled egg whites in addition to instant oatmeal Apple in addition to 1 tbsp. reduced fat peanut butter Banana in addition to 1 tbsp. peanut butter Half of a bagel alongside low-fat cream cheese Pre-Workout Balance bar Luna bar Glass of orange juice in addition to low fat yogurt

Energy Bar Nutrition Values Chocolate Chip Clif Bar -250 calories clifbar /uploads/product/c_choc_chip.gif Luna Bar -180 calories clifbar /uploads/product/l_nutz_over_choc_1.gif Promax Bar -270 calories promaxnutrition /products/promax-bars/cookies-n-cream/ Post-Workout Benefits More efficient recovery from exercise Needed so that repair the catabolic (breaking down) processes during exercise Repair damaged tissue in addition to rebuild fuel reserves Protein is essential so that provide amino acids so that repair damaged tissue Post-Workout Ratio of carbohydrates so that protein should be 4:1 Best results if within 30 minutes of exercise No more than two hours after exercise Sports drinks provide electrolyte replacement that is lost through sweat Simple carbohydrates are digested faster, complex carbohydrates will keep you fueled

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Post-Workout Examples: -A glass of chocolate milk -Gatorade- G2 new low calorie drink -A piece of toast alongside peanut butter -Small portion of tuna salad alongside crackers -Peanut butter sandwich -Sandwich alongside turkey, light mayo, in addition to tomatoes

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