Presentation on Clustering Paper: Cluster-based Scalable Network Services;


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Presentation on Clustering Paper: Cluster-based Scalable Network Services;

Brenau University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Presentation on Clustering Paper: Cluster-based Scalable Network Services; Fox, Gribble et. al. 18845 Internet Services Suman K. Grandhi Pratish Halady March 1, 2001 Agenda of Topics Clustering Basics (advantages in addition to disadvantages) ACID versus BASE semantics SNS Organization SNS Layered Model Performance Evaluation Discussions Questions Clustering Basics

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Myrinet, the switching system Myrinet is the cost effective in addition to high performance packet switching technology used in clustering. Features: Flow control, error control, link monitoring High performance, by having high-data-rate interconnects between clustered machines. High availability, by being able so that detect in addition to isolate faults as well as provide alternative communication paths. Ability so that scale so that thousands of hosts. Source: myrinet /myrinet/overview/index.html ACID vs. BASE ACID: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability BASE: Basically Available, Soft- State, Eventual Consistency Source ccs.neu /groups/IEEE/ind-acad/brewer/sld008.htm SNS Organization

SNS Layered Model Distillers A type of worker that performs transformations on JPEG in addition to GIF files. Has a queue so that queue up incoming requests. When queue size passes a certain threshold, manager spawns another distiller in addition to distributes load so that it. Special overflow nodes so that spawn extra distillers if the load gets too high. Distiller Performance Evaluation

Re-Order Point Problems Set 1: General

Discussion Questions There is only one manager, does this result in a single point of failure? Would it be beneficial if the manager service was a distributed entity? What considerations would you have so that make if you wanted so that distribute the manager? Our thoughts: FOX: The manager is responsible in consideration of balancing load in addition to distribution of jobs across the workers. It is also responsible in consideration of spawning new workers as load increases. – Distributed managers cause synchronizations issues Better so that have multiple manager control separate sections One manager assumes responsibility so that distribute work load so that others If only one manager, its easier so that change the load balancing policy. Discussion Questions Scalability: The paper claims that clusters allows in consideration of incremental scalability; however, aren?t there limitations? For example, the network capacity does not grow alongside the additions of new nodes resulting in increased latency in addition to packet loss. So, is this architecture truly scalable? Our thoughts: Scalability of this system is limited by a couple of factors. – size of the network buses reach of the centralized components of the system however, Myrinet claims so that be able so that support up so that thousands of nodes. Discussion Questions The monitor is responsible in consideration of identifying the location of failure nodes within the network. The proposed architecture only provides in consideration of a single monitor. However, if the monitor fails we loose visibility. How else can we take advantage of the distributed nature of the system so that provide a more fault tolerant monitoring scheme? Our thoughts: distributed monitoring? each node has a partner. Each node keeps information about its partner, so if a node dies the partner can revive it. hence don?t need a centralized monitor system anymore. But is this better than having one centralized monitor?

Discussion Questions Paper claims that according so that Harvest cache model, an average miss takes up so that 100 seconds so that fix in addition to can dominate end-to-end latency throguhout the system. Why doesn?t any of the performance graphs reflect this? Can the cache never miss? ????

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