President Joseph de Souza InCaS Trainers Feed back Val‚rie GUIMARD Jean-Fab


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President Joseph de Souza InCaS Trainers Feed back Val‚rie GUIMARD Jean-Fab

Bluffton College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, President Joseph de Souza InCaS Trainers Feed back Val‚rie GUIMARD Jean-Fabien MEROC INCAS in addition to INTERNAL COMMUNICATION 1 ) Very comprehensive bottom-up process. Complements the view of the management team 2) Excellent motivation tool in consideration of the team : They see that their opinion is listened so that in addition to becomes part of the company strategy 3) The Portfolio diagram is a powerful com-munication tool towards the whole company 4) Helps so that unlock co-operative discussions oriented towards positive actions in consideration of the future INCAS in addition to CONCRETE IMPROVEMENTS 1) VMI will use it in their budgeting process 2) BDL intends so that develop the consulting side of the activity by including InCaS in its offer 3) EBS loses customers due so that delocalisation. They identifyed new potential business alongside imported goods by prospecting custom agents 4) PROJIRIS developed an on line marketing tool : On line demo model in consideration of risk management 5) BGME introduced the training of newly hired managers by experienced old timers

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INCAS a success in consideration of the MDs The picture given by InCaS perfectly mirrored the idea they had about their company 2) The systematic screening methodology highlighted forgotten problems 3) Financing is based on business plans. The value of a business plan relies on the quality of assumptions. InCaS comforts the credibility by a better understanding of actions undertaken DISSEMINATION MEETINGS Different meetings have been done : Meeting alongside banks in addition to financial managers so that explain the interest of InCaS so that their customers Radio diffusion Meetings in addition to proposals meeting alongside large entrepreneurs organisation (MEDEF-CGPME) in addition to smallest ones(BNI, ETHIC.) InCaS english flyer traducted in French. PENDING Communications means cost is a pending question so that accelerate the InCas life process (study being done) More regions so that be included POSITIVE FOLLOW UP TO COME More regions so that be included Possibilities so that include subsidiaries of International groups & Business defined segments of International groups DISSEMINATION MEETINGS MAIN QUESTIONS OF ATTENDANCE WERE : 1 ) COST FOR SMEs In terms of : a) External cost in ? b) Internal time spent 2) WHAT IS NEW IN InCaS Many techniques have been developed, like Balance Score Cards. What is InCas added value ?

COST OF InCaS IN ? In France training of workforces is mandatory by law. Some bodies (OPCAs) are collecting this money from companies as a tax. And they : Define a list of registered Training Programs Receive the yearly Training Plans from the companies Review in addition to approve these Plans + Finance them. We are presently working alongside BDL on including InCaS on the list of officially registered training programs. In this way, InCaS would involve no additional cost in consideration of companies. They only should select it from the registered program list. InCaS : INTERNAL TIME in (manxday) Based on 5 SMEs we estimate the time necessary so that implement InCaS as Based on 5 SMEs we estimate the time necessary so that implement InCaS as InCaS : INTERNAL TIME (manxday)

Distributed Systems Session 9: Transactions Last Session: Summary Session 9 – Outline 1 Motivation What is Required? Transactions Scenario Class Diagram 2 Transaction Concepts 2.1.1 Atomicity 2.1.2 Consistency 2.1.3 Isolation 2.1.4 Durability 2.2 Transaction Commands 2.3 Roles of Components 2.3.1 Coordinator 2.3.2 Transactional Server 2.3.3 Transactional Client 2.4 Flat Transactions 3 Two-Phase Commit 3 Phase One 3 Phase Two Object Request in consideration of 2 Phase Commit 3 Server Uncertainty (1) 3 Recovery in Two-Phase Commit 3 Recovery in Two-Phase Commit 4 Transaction Example: Funds Transfer 5 Summary 4 CORBA Transaction Service 4 IDL Interfaces 4 Current ? Implicit Current Tx 4 Coordinator ? Explicit Tx Coordinator 4 Resource

WHAT IS NEW IN InCaS ADDED VALUE OF InCaS We feel that InCaS Process covers all other processes (Markus WILL speeks of a Meta-method) InCaS is a Bottom-up process, thus fully exploring the company Note : InCaS is covered by the Quality process in addition to vice versa CONCLUSION INCAS A VERY SUCCESSFUL TOOL InCaS Has been highly appreciated by the pilot companies Should systematically take place in the yearly Planning / Budgeting process of companies so that complement it regarding intangible assets which are today not properly dealt with

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