Preview Day 2015 Welcome to The Bay! Via Talk & Short Videos

Preview Day 2015 Welcome to The Bay! Via Talk & Short Videos

Preview Day 2015 Welcome to The Bay! Via Talk & Short Videos

Hultquist, Steve, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Cal State University, East Bay Preview Day 2015Welcome to The Bay!You will Prepare as long as the aid application process that starts in JanuaryLearn financial aid terms in addition to conceptsHear tips to help the process proceed smoothlyVia Talk & Short VideosMyths About Financial Aid File early with estimatesUse the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when tax returns are filed(if eligible) (March 2nd priority deadline)

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Answers to look as long as How do I applyHow much does it costAm I guaranteed to get free money as long as AidVideo 1Points to emphasize Apply @ each JanuaryApplication is FREEGrant eligibility is based on your FAFSA info “loans ARE financial aid”Applying as long as Aid

Answers to look as long as What can I use aid to pay as long as What aid types do not have to be repaidHow much money should I borrow Aid TypesVideo 2Points to emphasize Aid can be used to cover Cost of Attendance (student budget)Grants (free $) in addition to work-study job (earned $) are not repaidMake a budget; borrow as little as possible; it’s not Monopoly $Federal Aid TypesAnswers to look as long as What info should I gatherWhat if taxes aren’t filed yetHow do I sign the FAFSA Out the FAFSAVideo 3

Points to emphasize Careful w/ legal name (hyphen, nicknames), SSN, in addition to DOBUse IRS Data Retrieval Tool when taxes are filedFSA ID is your e-signature in addition to can be obtained at fafsa.govFilling Out the FAFSANot Eligible to File the FAFSA to look as long as What is a priority deadlineWhat is a Cost of AttendanceWhat is an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) in addition to NeedVideo 4

Points to emphasize March 2nd is priority deadline (allow buffer as long as fixing errors)COA has actual/estimated costsEFC is an index as long as eligibilityVisual look at COA-EFC=NeedPriority in addition to NeedMonitor & Manage Your Cal GrantChange School, Update Personal Info, Report Graduation Date

Answers to look as long as What is a Student Aid ReportWhat if my FAFSA has errorsHow do I learn about the loan rights in addition to responsibilities Happens NextVideo 5Points to emphasize Student Aid Report is summarySAR comments identify errors Don’t miss priority date because of errors!Loan counseling requiredMaster Promissory Note (MPN) states terms in addition to conditionsWhat Happens Next

Money you apply as long as in addition to win Typically awarded as long as area of study, good grades, special talents, or community service You don’t have to repay scholarship moneyType “scholarships” in the CSUEB website search boxScholarships University in addition to Outside SourcesCal State University, East Bay Preview Day 2015Question Period Follows

Hultquist, Steve InfoWorld Contributing Editor

Hultquist, Steve Contributing Editor

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