Previous Research Introduction Automaticity of Musical Processing


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Previous Research Introduction Automaticity of Musical Processing

Christopher Newport University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Automaticity of Musical ProcessingDanielle DeVincentis, Melissa Poole, in addition to Zach ReedHanover CollegeIntroductionThe Stroop Effect (Stroop, 1938)Automaticity of Movement (Solso, 2008)Similar effect when playing instrumentCan musical literacy become automatic?Previous ResearchIrrelevant musical notation causes Stroop effect (Stewart, 2005)

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Previous Research, Cont.Incongruence between auditory in addition to visual stimuli leads so that inaccuracy (W”llner, Halfpenny, Ho, & Kurosawa, 2003).HypothesisWhen presented alongside incongruent visual in addition to auditory stimuli, participants who were music-literate would: have slower reaction times. be less accurate than participants who could not read music.MethodParticipantsN=3817 male, 21 female18-22 years old, alongside one 53 year old outlier38 Caucasian25 could read music, 13 could not.

Stimuli6 simple tunes?Mary Had A Little Lamb?, ?Frere Jacques?, ?Jesus Loves Me?, ?Ode so that Joy?, ?Yankee Doodle?, or ?Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.?Musical staff alongside congruent or incongruent notesEquipmentGateway Model FPD1565 LCD MonitorGateway Model E4300 ComputerHeadphonesDemographic SurveyJava Program (Krantz, 2010)Procedure Within-Subjects design25 trials per conditionAfter participants completed one condition, researchers prepared the computer in consideration of the next conditionIndicate tune being playedRecorded average reaction time in addition to accuracy in consideration of each condition

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ResultsDiscussionToo much error so that make conclusionsNot a problem in traditional Stroop.Possible ExplanationContinuum of Automaticity (MacLeod & Dunbar, 1988)Variance in level of training or ability causes varying levels of automaticity.

Future DirectionsFaster reaction taskInteractive visual stimuli (Stewart, Walsh, & Frith, 2004; Stewart, 2005)Association between musical notation in addition to physical actions (Stewart, Walsh &, Frith, 2004)Phonological loop in consideration of music reading?Questions?

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