Private Practice as an RD Essential entrepreneurial skills Essential entrepreneurial skills


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Private Practice as an RD Essential entrepreneurial skills Essential entrepreneurial skills

Concordia College, Moorhead, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Case Study #16: A registered dietitian (RD) has a follow-up appointment alongside a client who is on a weight loss diet. This client failed so that come so that the last two meetings. The RD decides so that call the client so that remind her about the appointment. When the answering machine comes on, the RD leaves a message in consideration of the client. The RD reminds the client about the appointment, states the importance of a weight check, in addition to asks the client so that call back so that confirm the meeting.PlanningGoal-settingSpecificMeasurableTime-limitedDecision makingDelegationSupport your workers (and your colleagues)CommunicationControlling so that planEssential entrepreneurial skillsDecision makingDefine the problemGather informationAnalyze the infoDevelop optionsChoose in addition to implementMonitor in addition to evaluateEssential entrepreneurial skills

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Private Practice as an RDAptitudePersonal characteristicsPros/consNitty-grittyPersonal characteristicsPros/consNeed 3 so that 5 years so that turn a profit?

Nitty-gritty considerationsBusiness structureSole proprietorship (70% in the US)PartnershipsCorporationsS CorporationsLLCNitty-gritty considerationsBusiness structureTax structure; self-employment taxes (6.2% Social Security; 1.45% Medicare) times two because you pay both halvesBenefitsInsurance:Malpractice!!HealthNitty-gritty considerationsHIPAA regulationsNeed in consideration of licensure/seller’s permit/permit so that run a home businessBusiness/office expensesNOTE: You cannot discuss fees alongside other RDs?potential violation of anti-trust laws

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Possible clienteleLitt, A.S. in addition to F.B. Mitchell (2004) American Dietetic Association Guide so that Private Practice, American Dietetic Association.King, K. (2010) The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist, 4th ed., Helm Publishing, Lake Dallas, TX.ResourcesDevelop a business plan

Case Study #20: A consultant registered dietitian (RD) has a worksite wellness account. Her usual programming includes group classes on basic nutrition, nutrition in consideration of those alongside diabetes, heart-healthy eating, in addition to coping alongside food allergies. She also provides personal coaching so that the company?s employees. She is approached by an employee who is training in consideration of marathons in addition to has specific interests in sports nutrition, nutrition during training in addition to pre-/post-event. Although the RD is comfortable alongside the role of exercise in addition to nutrition in basic health in addition to general needs, competitive athletics is not an area of expertise.

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