Process Mapping Definition of Process Mapping Process mapping is a method s


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Process Mapping Definition of Process Mapping Process mapping is a method s

Converse College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Process Mapping Definition of Process Mapping Process mapping is a method so that graphically describe the steps that make up a process. It consists of a set of tools that enable us so that systematically document, analyze, improve, in addition to redesign a process. It is the first tep of process management. Benefits of Process Mapping Ability so that visually understand in addition to document a process Ability so that take a holistic view of process objectives Develop true ?buy-in? from employees Develop a sense of pride among employees Create customer-focused processes

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Sequence of Process Mapping ? An Example A major process ? make breakfast Cook ingredients Cook eggs Pour mixture Prepare mixture Identification of Major Processes ? An Example Customer order processing Generation of a work order Purchasing of materials from suppliers Generation of detailed production schedules Actual production in addition to assembly Pack in addition to ship Identification of Sub-Processes ? Customer Order Processing Customer request in consideration of information Customer places order Review in addition to enter order Finalize order Create drawings in addition to specifications Check drawing in addition to specifications Sign off & release drawings/specifications

Identification of Major Processes ? Mental Health Service Referral Assessment Care planning Care delivery Discharge Major Steps of Process Mapping (J. Mike Jacka in addition to Paulette J. Keller) Process Identification Information gathering Interviewing in addition to map generation Map Analysis Process Identification Identification of ?trigger events,? i.e., actions from customers that cause the start of a process Name the process in consideration of each of the trigger events generated by the customers

Global Awareness in addition to Student Engagement Agenda NSSE NSSE 2.0 Purpose Literature Literature Research Questions (Methods) Variables Sample Sample Results: Frequent Participation Results: Subpopulation Variation Results: GAE in addition to Engagement Results: GAE, Deep Learning, in addition to Gains Implications What?s next? Questions in addition to Comments

Examples of Trigger Events Prospective customers contact company about the product Customers place orders Customers receive orders Customers pay bills Customers request in consideration of service Customers stop payments Information Gathering Description of a process Identification of process owners Discussion alongside process owners Business in addition to process objectives Business in addition to process risks Key controls Measures of success Interviewing in addition to Map Generation Secure buy-in Select the right people in consideration of interviews Set up the interviews ? setting, time, etc. Active listening in addition to recording Use ?drill-down? approach (unit, task in addition to action levels) Review in addition to revise

Map Generation ? An Example (Request in consideration of Payment) Unit Level (process request, prepare check, deliver check) Task Level (complete request, verify request, approve request, send request) Action Level (information needed in consideration of the request, approval authority, method so that send request) Defining a Process (S-I-P-O-C) Suppliers Inputs Process Outputs Customers Map Analysis ? Elimination of Waste Delays Duplication Approvals Hand-offs Errors Uncertainties

Potential Pitfalls of Process Mapping Mapping without a clear purpose Lost in the details Failure so that finalize mapping Not verifying the facts Hidden bias or agenda Not focusing on customers? needs

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