PROCUREMENT SERVICES Contents Procurement Strategy

PROCUREMENT SERVICES Contents Procurement Strategy

PROCUREMENT SERVICES Contents Procurement Strategy

McIntyre, Jake, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal CORPORATE SERVICES PROCUREMENT SERVICES Richard Price Strategy (reminder) Top Objectives What have we done since September What are we working on Questions Contents Procurement Strategy ‘Maximise value, minimise risks in addition to process costs thereby increasing the capacity with which the University schools in addition to services can attain their objectives.’

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Tasks E-procurement (Parabilis) Savings Client Engagement Optimise Supplier List Why Ease, speed, efficiency Support University investment plan Underst in addition to client needs Improve the procurement process Manage dem in addition to Concentrate on fewer suppliers Better service Better deals Procurement Plan 2007/08 (Top items) What have we done so far Procurement Plan

Recruiting 15 ‘How to Buy’ Guides Management of Supplier List (Active P1 Ledger)

Other Action Taken Sustainable Procurement Policy (Issue 2) Reviewed by DVC To be presented to Sustainability Group Change stationery contract Better service Better deal Now includes toner cartidges Less packaging What are we developing E-procurement (Parabilis): Early January Biosciences Late January Hospitality Services February review of progress March/April/May Other schools in addition to services University Expenditure Report: By school or service By commodity By value Procurement Process in as long as mation as long as users Savings Plan as long as 2007/08 What are we developing Supplier List report Supplier rationalisation plan Sustainability Strategy (to support the Policy) Purchasing Card Policy (with Finance) Best Value approach to: Network refresh, wireless in addition to telephony Family Centre Leasing contract as long as Accommodation


McIntyre, Jake DAILY KOS Contributing Editor

McIntyre, Jake Contributing Editor

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