Production Cycle Introduction Planning Production Testing

Production Cycle Introduction Planning Production Testing

Production Cycle Introduction Planning Production Testing

Pruitt, Elana, Fashion Columnist/Staff Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Production Cycle Objectives: Identifying key phases as long as building up website Underst in addition to ing the major goals in addition to activities of each production process, Defining key roles in addition to outputs as long as each stage of a project Introduction Planning Production Testing Publishing Evaluation Time: 1/3 Requirement Specifications; goals, audience Contracts Design(prototyping) Roles Time: 1/6 Develop specifications- file naming Structure ; vertical pass, horizontal pass Coding Alpha Testing Time: 1/4 as long as component Testing, 1/4 as long as system-wide Testing Test the system based on the specifications Revisions Beta Testing Validation To launch the project Per as long as mance monitoring To evaluate the process Documentation Planning Good Planning Achievable timelines Clearly defined workflow Clear roles in addition to responsibilities Decision-making framework

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Project Manager : Role of PM Have budgets, resources in addition to schedules approved Bring the production team together Draw up contracts or similar arrangements with the people involved in the production Underst in addition to the scope of the project in addition to what is required Make some initial designs Planning – what do we do<1> Stakeholder meeting: Proposal / concept brief / response to tender Budget or project resources approved Team Meeting: Roles , Responsibilities Where are the workspaces – Physical in addition to virtual Types of files that will be produced File naming conventions St in addition to ards as long as production, documentation in addition to access Guidelines as long as production of content Develop a list of what will be produced Planning – what do we do<2> In as long as mation Architecture Process: Goals Audience scenarios Content in addition to functions Metaphors Flowcharts Layouts

Planning – output Requirement Specifications/Design Documents Flowcharts:Storyboard Layout Grids Production To consider all the structure of pages vertical/horizontal pass depth of each page navigation HTML/graphics/scripts/etc – Production in addition to integration Usability /Component Testing (alpha testing) Testing Testing should be based on specifications. Whether to con as long as m certain st in addition to ards in addition to functions To test per as long as mance Testing is cyclical. To revise in addition to bugs. Validation Beta Testing

Publish To monitor per as long as mance of your system To prepare a maintenance guide To conduct training as long as the users/operators Evaluation To check up documentation Thank-you letters Requirement Specifications Description of project/product Including ideas in addition to issues raised through concept briefs, preliminary meetings, in as long as mation architecture process, mockup sketches, flowcharts, requirements, market research, etc. Basis of the contractual agreement between client in addition to developer

Contracts Agreement between the funder /client in addition to production team Fee Position What happens if there are additional fees in addition to costs Tasks Per as long as mance indicators Reporting Schedule (timeline) Signatures Responsibilities Maintenance Source code document Ownership

Pruitt, Elana Agenda Magazine Fashion Columnist/Staff Writer

Pruitt, Elana Fashion Columnist/Staff Writer

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