Progress Monitoring PhD Milestones Progression Monitoring


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Progress Monitoring PhD Milestones Progression Monitoring

Danville Area Community College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Progression Monitoring Director of Postgraduate StudiesSchool of Physics & AstronomyCardiff UniversityPhD MilestonesInitial ReportingWithin 3 monthsProgress report9, 15, 21, 27, 33 months etc.Annual Formal Progress Review9, 21, 33 months etc.Funding ends36 monthsDeadline in consideration of submission48 monthsProgress MonitoringInitial Reportingto be completed within the first 3 months of registration in consideration of the research degree programmeProgress Reportthe first so that be completed within 6 months of the Initial Reporting (so within 9, 15, 21, 27, 33 months, etc.)Annual Formal Progress Reviewthe first so that be completed within 9 months of the student’s first registration, then annually thereafter (so within 9, 21, 33 months, etc.)3

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Initial Reporting ? 3 monthsInitial ReportingThe student in addition to supervisors are required so that agree a Research Plan in addition to so that complete a Development Needs Analysis (i.e. a skills audit in addition to plan)The Initial Reporting requires confirmation that these have been undertaken, in addition to requires the student in addition to main supervisor each so that submit an Initial ReportCompletion of the Initial Reporting must be endorsed by the Director of Postgraduate Studies4Progress Reports9, 15, 21, 27, 33 months, assess a student’s progress alongside sufficient frequency so that allow in consideration of remedial action so that be taken if necessaryto review in addition to updating the Research Plan in addition to so help maintain the focus of the research, while re-evaluating the student’s skills training needsStudent’s Self-Assessment ReportSupervisor Report Progress Meeting 5Annual Formal Progress Review9, 21, 33 months, etc.The progress of every research student is formally reviewed on an annual basis up until the successful submission of the thesis Substantial piece of written workMeeting Documented outcome of the reviewRecommendation6

RecommendationA documented outcome of the review panelthe student’s progress in addition to standard of work is satisfactory in addition to that the student is likely so that complete their degree successfully in addition to within the expected timescalethe student?s progress in addition to standard of work is satisfactory overall but that one or more unsatisfactory aspects of progress and/or performance have been identifiedthe student’s progress and/or standard of work is unsatisfactory 7Unsatisfactory ProgressIf the student’s progress and/or standard of work is unsatisfactory Then either;Student required so that change registration so that MPhil (the Review Panel having satisfied itself that the revised research project is appropriate in consideration of MPhil submission within a revised time-scaleOr;Student placed on a Warning of Exclusion in addition to required so that provide evidence of improvement against a clear set of stipulated criteria within a time period of no less than three in addition to no more than six months 8Initial Reporting ? More detailsDetails are on the web at: astro.cardiff /teachingandlearning/?page=progressionYou need so that submit section A of the form: astro.cardiff /teachingandlearning/resources/PHYSX_ProgressReport_ABD.pdfAt three months, you also need so that submit:A research plan: One or two pages describing the broad aims of the PhDthe progress you have made so fara (rough) timeline of how you expect so that get thereA skills audit: Typically one page of text describing The skills you expect so that need during your PhD (e.g. experiment/clean room, computation, presentations, writing)The things you have already learned since startingThe things you need so that learn, in addition to how you will do this. It?s an opportunity so that identify useful training courses.9

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Initial Reporting ? Next StepsAfter you submit part A alongside the research plan in addition to skills audit:Your supervisory team fills out part B ? their assessment of your progressYou meet alongside your supervisory team:First SupervisorSecond SupervisorMentorFollowing the meeting, they submit the form alongside parts B in addition to D completed.The Director of Postgraduate Research Studies needs so that endorse the recommendation of the supervisory teamWhat about part C?This gives you a chance so that make confidential comments regarding your supervisionIf you wish so that complete part C, please return it directly so that Louise Winter or the Director of Postgraduate Research Studies.10

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