Progress on various fronts Goals of this presentation Precision measurements of tau properties DELPHI tau lifetime (final) (Attilio Andreazza) BABAR tau lifetime (preliminary) (Alberto Lusiani)

Progress on various fronts Goals of this presentation Precision measurements of tau properties DELPHI tau lifetime (final) (Attilio Andreazza) BABAR tau lifetime (preliminary) (Alberto Lusiani)

Progress on various fronts Goals of this presentation Precision measurements of tau properties DELPHI tau lifetime (final) (Attilio Andreazza) BABAR tau lifetime (preliminary) (Alberto Lusiani)

Trott, Greg, Features Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal t Physics: Experimental Review Michael Roney University of Victoria Thanks to LOC as long as a fantastic conference in addition to an off-the-scale banquet Progress on various fronts Precision measurements of tau properties Lepton universality: where are we now Measurements of hadronic currents Searches as long as rare/SM- as long as bidden decays involving the tau lepton

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Goals of this presentation Place in a broader context the work presented over the last couple of days Summarize those results Stimulate a discussion on where we (the tau community) should be focusing resources over the next two-four years Precision measurements of tau properties Tau lifetime Tau mass Dipole moments DELPHI tau lifetime (final) (Attilio Andreazza) Three methods: MD (w=0.34), IPD(w=0.22), Decay length(w=0.45) = 290.9 ± 1.4 ± 1.0 fs

BABAR tau lifetime (preliminary) (Alberto Lusiani) Single method: 2D Decay length = 289.4 ± 0.91 ± 0.90 fs BABAR tau lifetime (Alberto Lusiani) With 80/fb, statistics traded as long as lower systematic errors = 289.4 ± 0.91 ± 0.90 fs e.g. Weight to equalize f acceptance in 60 Bins, take error as Variance on 100 sub-samples BLINDED Systematic errors from modelling tau decay DELPHI: MD (BR, polarisation) 0.30% Decay length (bias, MC stat) 0.27% IPD (method bias[colinearity, ]) 0.07% BABAR: decay kinematics bias (MC stat) 0.2% [effect ~1.3%] negligible non-MC stat. Estimate correlations between LEP measurements of <0.2% New World Average t lifetime CLEO,LEP, BABAR: Ignoring ~0.1% level correlations: = (290.15 ± 0.77) fs 2/ dof = 2.3/5 (prob=82%) (assuming 0.2% correlations between LEP Lifetimes, tt290.11±0.79 fs) Future prospects: BELLE should be able to make measurement with comparable precision as shown by BABAR BABAR statistical error can go down ~x2 with data in can now. BABAR systematic errors dominated by statistics of control samples, MC statistics, alignment errors, koralb description of ISR. Can expect improvements of x2overall. Overall, expect B-factories to bring error down another factor of 2 compared to BABAR results shown here: At TAU06 [or TAU08] could see WA with errors of 0.4fs (0.14%) or less! CPT Lifetime: 1st CPT on lifetime from BABAR (Lusiani) Mass: OPAL only experiment to publish CPT on mass New mass measurement (~10-4) at threshold is expected at VEPP-4 (Shamov) but CPT test is not a threshold measurement B-factories should publish these asymmetries in the future! (mt- - mt+)/mt = (0.0±1.8)x10-3 moments of the tau (Lohmann) QED e = F1(q 2 = 0) at= F2(q 2 = 0) in QED : at = (g-2)/2 a/2p + . = 0.0012 dt= eF3(q 2 = 0) in QED : dt = 0 P in addition to T violating Measurements: DELPHI L3 av. -0.018±0.017 0.004±0.035 -0.013±0.015 Other determinations: Gtt : -0.004 < at < 0.006 e+e- t+t-: at 0.02 (R. Escribano & E. Masso) (J. Silverman & G. Shaw) (Lohmann) Measurements: DELPHI L3 av. (0 ± 2 ) (0 ± 2) (0.0 ± 1.4) × 10-16 e cm -.22

Hadronic Tau decays Slides from W.Mader New DELPHI exclusive hadronic Branching Ratios (Dedovich) Final ALEPH BRs (Davier) Opus to be published soon Strange decays measured separately in addition to BR’s subtracted from p/K analysis

ALEPH non-strange Spectral functions (Davier) V A CVC ‘Problem’ (Davier) demotivates use of tau data in hadronic vacuum polarisation calculation (seemed a good idea at the time ) Should have more experiments measure the non-strange spectral functions (see Maltman’s talk as long as e’/e reasons ) CVC + isospin breaking ee ALEPH B0 24.52 0.31 25.47 0.13 0.95 0.33 (%) B30 1.09 0.08 0.98 0.09 -0.11 0.12 B30 3.63 0.21 4.59 0.09 0.96 0.23 Relative difference between in addition to e+e – data: zoom No correction as long as ± – 0 mass (~ 2.3 ± 0.8 MeV) in addition to width (~ 3 MeV) splitting applied Jegerlehner, hep-ph/0312372 Davier, hep-ex/0312064 CVC ‘Problem’ (Davier)

s0 2(e BX Ntt) B = s0: signal events e : efficiency Ntt: of t pairs First search!! Preliminary 10-70 times tighter limit from PDG2004 (140M tt) Search as long as LFV t decays involving p0, h, h’ at Belle (Enari) Search as long as Baryonic Decays of the tau (Sato) Summary Final LEP measurements being released CLEO still producing tau physics results B-factories have now started Focus on LFV But now also have precision measurements Strange decay studies Non-strange high multiplicity studies Looking at where to focus ef as long as ts as long as TAU06

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