Project Filing November 2010 Ciaran Whyte Major Projects Programme Manager Plann

Project Filing November 2010 Ciaran Whyte Major Projects Programme Manager Plann

Project Filing November 2010 Ciaran Whyte Major Projects Programme Manager Plann

Ratliff, Evan, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Project Filing November 2010 Ciaran Whyte Major Projects Programme Manager Planning & Strategic Projects Unit Objectives of Seminar Be able to create an effective project filing structure Have more confidence in controlling project documentation At the end of the seminar you should – Ciaran Whyte 1975 : BSc – Applied Maths & Computer Science at Queen’s University of Belfast 2005 : Project Management Institute (PMI) certification as Senior Project Manager 1975-81 : software analyst/programmer at IBM UK Ltd 1981-1995 : project manager – IBM Corporation – global manufacturing in addition to finance 1995-2009 : senior project manager – IBM Global Business Services – Norwich Union, Reed International, Prudential, Cable & Wireless, MoD, Nissan Europe, BP Amoco global, Kodak Europe, Cazenove, CLS Bank, DEFRA, RBS, DVLA , Vodafone global 2009-2010 : Swansea University – risk administrator

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Does your project feel like this “Can you just answer this question please” A project manager can be assaulted with – a barrage of questions dem in addition to s as long as immediate answers to concerns urgent resolutions to issues underst in addition to ing of complex in addition to difficult problems If only I knew where that document was Project File – a way to quickly access project in as long as mation Project Stages The Project Management Framework

Project File – Structure Business Case & Project Bid / Application Resources / Organisation Finances Procurement Project Plans Exceptions Monitoring / Status Quality Communications Project Closure Business Case & Project Bid / Application Application made to Funder Project budget & backup calculations Risk questionnaire (large project) Contract with Funder All funding in addition to in-kind funding communications Offer Letter / Conditions Collaboration Agreements with all partners Legal reviews or communications Final approved versions All externally published draft versions All external e-mails or letters providing feedback All Approval e-mails or letters Resources / Organisation Current Organisation Chart with reporting line as long as supervision Job Descriptions of all project staff including HERA assessments DO NOT file interview/CV documentation Agreed roles in addition to responsibilities matrix Agreed Terms of Reference of all regular as long as ums List of key stakeholders in addition to contact in as long as mation List of all external companies/partners in addition to contact in as long as mation Directory of all project team members with start/end dates, work location, contact details Starters in addition to leavers procedure Training plans – how to access project specific training Training attendance records Holiday & Absentee charts Any links to project specific Health & Safety in as long as mation

Terms of Reference Finances Tracking versions of financial reports or spreadsheets showing – income in addition to expenditure to date in addition to as long as ecasts All versions of agreed budgets in addition to backup calculations All evidence of budget approvals or conditions All summaries or extracts from QL as long as Project with full reconciliation All Claim submissions in addition to completed paperwork All timesheets in addition to authorisations All supplier invoices in addition to receipts/evidence of payment All expense claims in addition to evidence of approvals Register of all assets ‘owned’ by project – serial numbers, locations, responsible owner Procurement Procurement plans Procurement specifications Documents used to define evaluation criteria All communications from potential suppliers – proposals, repeated bids, e-mails, letters All communications sent to suppliers All letters or emails awarding contracts Final versions of supplier contracts Evidence of contract approvals from all parties All reporting in as long as mation on supplier per as long as mance Log of all products / services delivered in addition to dates Log of all contract changes in addition to authorisations All licenses as long as purchases All warranty or maintenance agreements relating to purchases

Project Plans Work Breakdown Structure Work Package definitions Summary GANTT Chart Milestone plans Output plans Sub-group or work package plans Task plans Activity definitions Resource plans Quality plans Funding plans (ongoing income) Marketing / Communications strategies or plans Agreed versions of plans & approvals All tracking versions of plans Work Breakdown Structure To decompose Work Breakdown Structure Start with deliverables Can cost & duration be estimated No – decompose further Yes – review as long as completeness WBS provides total project scope Lowest Level represents Work Packages Exceptions Issue or problem log Risk register Requests as long as change to scope / budget / timescale Back-up material Impact assessments Evidence of approvals

Monitoring / Status All internal project documents Status reports / Highlight Reports Major Project Monitoring Reports All material supplied to Steering Groups Summary reports to key stakeholders All reports to funders Minutes of all Steering Groups Minutes of all external meetings Minutes of Sub-Group meetings All tracking reports on output achievement Highlight Report Minutes

Quality Project quality st in addition to ards or links to related st in addition to ards All external project documents All quality records showing reviewers, feedback, defects, version history Approval e-mails or letters All externally supplied outputs Evidence of sampling of outputs Project specific procedures or processes Project Assurance review reports Joint Internal Audit Reports PWC audit reports Funder audit reports Evidence of ethical reviews in addition to approvals Feedback or surveys from ‘customers’ Communications Log of all external communications Log of responses to all external communications All (or link to) external communications in addition to responses Log of project presentation material All project produced presentation material Material from all events conducted by project team ‘new starter’s pack’ All feedback from external project events All publicity material All project supported website material Project Closure Project completion report – achievements Evidence of all project outputs Assessment of lessons learned Feedback from Stakeholders Verification of closure of supplier contracts Archived material release project resources recommendations as long as future projects assessment of benefit achievement

Hardcopy versus online All signed documents All final approved deliverables current versions of all plans all supplier documentation all resourcing documentation all hardcopy financial documents all output supporting documentation all hardcopy licenses or agreements latest communication log All external communications in addition to replies All evidence needed as long as audit purposes hardcopy Everything online ( in addition to regularly backed up) except as long as essential material – Web based project files Sharepoint (2nd Campus) Google (SAW) Project Specific Web-sites (STRIP) used to provide access to external participation BE CAREFUL what in as long as mation you share internal project filing STILL required Conclusions Project management is about managing communications in addition to if you want to be effective you need an efficient control of the project in as long as mation. Project Filing . GET IT SORTED! THANK YOU as long as your time today

Ratliff, Evan Wired Magazine Contributing Editor

Ratliff, Evan Contributing Editor

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