Project Management Using Blackboard Discussion Boards

Project Management Using Blackboard Discussion Boards

Project Management Using Blackboard Discussion Boards

Ridley, Kim, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Project Management Using Blackboard Discussion Boards Building Effective Groups in addition to Teams is core competence addressed in Mngt 305 Underst in addition to ing of how different elements of group dynamics influence functioning in addition to effectiveness of groups in addition to teams Ability to motivate group members to achieve organizational goals in addition to to reduce social loafing Can you put your knowledge into practice Role of instructor is that of a coach/resource Discussion Board allows as long as asynchronous communication Also reduces likelihood of social loafing in that individual contributions are identifiable Key Tasks in Producing Project Reports ( as long as self-managed work teams) Agreement on work plan (Day 0 or 1) Who’s going to do what by when Volunteer, don’t wait as long as assignment If team simply divides work amongst members there’s little or no synergy Idea generation (Days 1-3) Deliberation (Days 4-5) Involves more than ‘looks good to me’ or ‘you go, girl!’ Final Assembly (Day 6) Review of Final Product Prior to Submission

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Ridley, Kim Ode Contributing Editor

Ridley, Kim Contributing Editor

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