Project Name Steering Committee Meeting Project Manager: Project Manager Name Pr

Project Name Steering Committee Meeting Project Manager: Project Manager Name Pr

Project Name Steering Committee Meeting Project Manager: Project Manager Name Pr

Weinstein, Nola, Fashion Editorial Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Project Name Steering Committee Meeting Project Manager: Project Manager Name Program Manager: Program Manager Name Project Sponsor: Project Sponsor Name General Guidelines: Keep words to a minimum – more detail can be added verbally Highlight changes from the last presentation where appropriate. Stick to recommended as long as mat where possible. Delete red instruction boxes when complete. More detailed instructions are in the Speaker Notes. Click on View / Notes Page to view. You can print the ‘Notes View’ by selecting File/Print, then select ‘Notes Page’ in the ‘Print What’ drop down. (To view template instructions – Save this template to project files, reopen in addition to then select View, Notes Page. Delete this note prior to publishing) Executive Summary Description Schedule Cost Risks Est. at Completion is the Actual Cost to date plus the estimated remaining cost as long as the work scheduled. Cost Variance is the ‘Project Budget’ minus the ‘Estimate at completion’ High level business objective List the major risks to the project. High level accomplishments so far To change status colors, highlight box in addition to select Format/Borders. For ‘Current Phase’ update, please use st in addition to ard PM phases (Opp Assessment, Initiating, Planning, Executing & Controlling, Closing) or Lifecycle Phases (e.g Software Development Lifecycle) Business Need

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Project Background Proposed Solution Business Benefits Benefit 1. Benefit 2. (Example)

Project Costs (Example) Project ROI Project Organization Steering Committee Sponsor Program Manager Project Manager Business Team IT Mgmt CIS Warehouse Infrastructure Financial Purchasing TSS CSS Data Mgmt Documentation Other Other Database Apps Please keep same general as long as mat. Adjust boxes as necessary. Delete unneeded boxes.

Project Schedule & Approach Double click the Visio Gantt chart to make changes. Please try to keep st in addition to ard phases. List special milestones or variations as appropriate per project. Example – Other phases may be used depending on project Communications Management Plan Monthly Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. ‘02 Feb. April May March June SVP Update: 1:1 Exec. Staff Mtgs Monthly Every 6 weeks Extended Staff Mtgs Progress Updates All-H in addition to s Qtrly Qtrly Qtrly Learning Formal training as long as roll-outs Mentoring as needed All All As Needed Sr. Mgmt Staff Mtgs In as long as mation Sharing Qtrly Open House Sessions Qtrly Qtrly “Hot Sheets” Bi-Mthly Bi-Mthly Bi-Mthly Bi-Mthly Bi-Mthly E-mails As Needed Website Update As Needed Posters As Needed (Example) Key Risks in addition to Issues Risk (Example) Too much change to department at one time Confusion due to multiple initiatives Competition as long as resources with other projects Change readiness assessment in addition to structured communication plan Mitigation Structured communication plan across program Centralized management, dedicated resources, realistic timeframes

Other (Example) Cost to Utilize Consultant as long as Project Management 4 consultants, 6 months => $XXX,000 Benefit Project will be done in 6 months instead of 12 months Steering Committee Members Name Name Name Name Name Name Name (Example) Expectations of Steering Committee Participate in all Steering Committee meetings Take ownership of issues in addition to resolve by assigned date Commit resources in department as needed Commit 2 – 4 hour per month Assign one owner department to h in addition to le all changes (Example)

Key Decisions to Be Made (Example) Next Steps Revise budget based on decisions Finalize make vs. buy decision Create detailed change enablement plan (Example)

Weinstein, Nola Glam Fashion Editorial Director

Weinstein, Nola Fashion Editorial Director

Weinstein, Nola is from United States and they belong to Glam and they are from  Brisbane, United States got related to this Particular Journal. and Weinstein, Nola deal with the subjects like Fashion and Wearing Apparel; Fashion Industry

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