Project Scope Factors Affecting Project Scope Establishing Project Scope


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Project Scope Factors Affecting Project Scope Establishing Project Scope

Davenport College of Business, Lansing, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Establishing Project Scope * Factors Affecting Project Scope The functionality that must be delivered so that meet the user?s needs The resources available so that the project The time available in which so that achieve the implementation * Project Scope Resources Time Deadline Scope *

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Resources Labor from developers, testers, tech writers, quality assurance personnel, etc. Adding resources so that a late software project may make it later. At the very least adding resources causes a decrease in productivity. We will assume resources are fixed in consideration of the purposes of scope analysis. * Time/Deadlines This may be a ?soft? boundary. History shows that delivering software late is the norm. However, some projects have firm deadlines. We will assume time is fixed in consideration of the purposes of scope analysis. * Scoping Facts If the effort required so that implement the system features is equal so that the resources available during the scheduled time, the project has a achievable scope. Typically projects begin alongside scopes that approach 200% of what is doable alongside available resources in addition to time. *

Problems alongside 200% Scoping At most half the features will be implemented by the deadline. If application features are highly interdependent, nothing may work. If QA steps are skipped so that meet the deadline, the quality of the product suffers. Customers are unhappy. The development team is frustrated in addition to demotivated. * The Hard Question It may be necessary so that reduce the scope by as much as a factor of two. How does one manage so that reduce scope in addition to keep the customers happy? * The Requirements Baseline The requirements baseline is the itemized set of features intended so that be delivered in a specific version of the application. The baseline must: Be at least ?acceptable? so that the customer Have a reasonable probability of success, in the team?s view *

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Creating a Requirements Baseline We want so that manage the scope before significant efforts are made in requirements refinement, design, coding, testing, or other project activities. List the features that have been defined in consideration of the application at a level of detail that is not too detailed (no more that 25-30 features should be identified in consideration of any application). * Creating a Requirements Baseline (Cont?d) Set priorities in consideration of the identified features. (Stakeholders must drive the setting of priorities.) Assess the effort required in consideration of each feature. (Although difficult at this early stage of the project, ?rough order of magnitude? level of effort must be estimated in consideration of each feature.) * Creating a Requirements Baseline (Cont?d) Estimate the ?risk? associated alongside each feature. Use priority, effort, in addition to risk so that reduce the scope of the project. Establish the baseline by including as many features, in priority order, as can be accomplished within the available resources. *

Scope Prioritization Techniques *

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