* Proposal Defense Your Name Title of Dissertation Chair: Dr. Name of Chair



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* Proposal Defense Your Name Title of Dissertation Chair: Dr. Name of Chair

College Misericordia, US has reference to this Academic Journal, * Proposal Defense Your Name Title of Dissertation Chair: Dr. Name of Chair Date: Innovate, Educate, in addition to Transform * Statement of the Problem As stated in Ch. 1 Source your points *

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* Purpose of the Study As stated in your proposal * Research Questions As stated in Ch. 1 in addition to 3 * Significance of the Study Who benefits in addition to how? As stated in Ch. 1 Source as needed

* Sample in addition to Population Describe the population Describe the sample (give numbers of individuals in consideration of the sample) * Instrumentation As articulated in Ch. 3 Have copies of your protocols available in consideration of your defense * Data Collection As articulated in Ch. 3

Research Addresses Three Main Research Questions Results

* Data Analysis Describe analysis * Timeline July 2014 ? Complete IRB August 2014 ? Data Collection September/October 2014 ? Data Analysis * Abstract Review in consideration of IRB Review Abstract in consideration of IRB requirements Provide a simple explanation of the study in addition to briefly address (in 1 so that 2 sentences)├┐each of the following points: rationale; intervention; objectives or purpose;├┐study population or sample characteristics; study methodology; study endpoints or outcomes; statistics in addition to plans in consideration of analysis. State the theoretical framework State the purpose of the study, relevant research questions, in addition to study goals/endpoints in response so that the research questions Describe the methods that will be employed in the study (including the following): Proposed Participants Proposed Instruments/Research Design Proposed Data Collection Proposed Data Analysis Use APA Formatting in addition to Guidelines Provide as handout Abstract template available from DSC

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