Proposal Elements Day 2 Overview Proposal/Grant Writing Workshop


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Proposal Elements Day 2 Overview Proposal/Grant Writing Workshop

Denver Paralegal Institute, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Proposal/Grant Writing WorkshopDay 2November 13, 2009Bren School of Environmental Science in addition to ManagementKate KokosinskiProposal constructionWriting strategiesReview exercisesConfidentialityEditing tipsDay 2 OverviewTitleExecutive SummaryProblem StatementProposal Elements

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Objective Ex. ?to determine the impacts of breaching on ocean water quality as measured by indicator bacteria concentrations?Proposal ElementsBackgroundWhat is known?What is not known?Why knowledge needs so that be gained (societal importance)?Proposal ElementsApproach/MethodsWhat are you going so that do?How are you going so that do it?How can you provide evidence that you are prepared so that do this?Proposal Elements

QualificationsMake specific so that self or organizationUse evidence so that support claimsInclude innovative aspects of technology or methodologyProposal ElementsScheduleBudgetBudget JustificationProposal ElementsBenefits StatementWhy is the work important?To whom will it be important?Is there significance beyond the immediate project?Proposal Elements

Rationale Stakeholders The Educational Vision Progressing the vision Redesign module content Module content VLE site design ?Going Live? Sept 2006 cohort Student evaluations ? key skills However?????.You can never satisfy some people Changes Conclusion

OrganizationCoherenceClarityConciseness***Read good writing before you write!Writing StrategiesTake some time so that read the first exampleDiscuss in groups of 4-5 Answer questions:What did this author do well?What suggestions do you have so that improve this proposal?Do you think this proposal was successful or unsuccessful?Group ExerciseOrganizationBackgroundFocusArgumentDiscussion

Take some time so that read the proposalDiscuss in groups of 4-5Answer questions:Do you think this proposal was successful or unsuccessful?How does this example differ from the first?What does the author do effectively?Group ExerciseDetailed methodsClear descriptionsInteresting argumentDiscussionBreak

RFPFunding proposalAudience EPA Tribal Lead GrantRead draft proposalDiscuss in groups of 4-5Answer questions:What is effective about this proposal?What could be strengthened before submission?Group ExerciseEffectiveBackgroundClear directionNumbersIneffectiveUndefined acronymsProject scheduleConclusion missingDiscussion

IdeasProduct/technologyPartnershipsConfidentialityEdit laterRead your writing out loudPrint your paper when reviewingPeer editVisit the Communications CenterEditing TipsKate Kokosinskikkokosinski@bren.ucsb Contact

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