Purpose of a Position Description Agenda Position Descriptions



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Purpose of a Position Description Agenda Position Descriptions

City University of New York, City College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Position Descriptions A Tool alongside Many UsesAgendaIntroductionRole of Managers & SupervisorsRole of Human ResourcesPreparing & Reviewing Position Descriptions by DepartmentsIU Guidelines & PoliciesReviewing Position Descriptions by UHRSPosition Description ChecklistQuestionsPurpose of a Position DescriptionIntroduction

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Purpose of a Position DescriptionRole of managers & SupervisorsSection OnePosition Description Process

Role of Managers & SupervisorsRole of Human ResourcesSection TwoPreparing & Reviewing Position Descriptions by departmentsSection Three

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Preparing & ReviewingPosition Analysis ? Process of gathering, analyzing & organizing information about needs of unit & work assigned so that position.IU Position Description GuidelinesSection FourPosition Description GuidelinesTitlePrimary RoleGeneral Summary of the position Useful when posting the positionTip: Write the primary role after completing the primary duties & responsibilities.

Position Description GuidelinesPrimary Duties & ResponsibilitiesDescribe the essential functions alongside overall importance so that being successful in position.The main section used so that classify a position by UHRSTip: The position description is not an exhaustive list of every task the position performs. Position Description GuidelinesQualificationsMinimum EducationMinimum ExperienceRequired Knowledge, Skills, AbilitiesEquipment UtilizedDetermines eligibility in consideration of the positionUsed so that classify the positionPosition Description GuidelinesLevel of Decision MakingScope & ImpactDirection Provided so that OthersPhysical RequirementsComparable PositionsOrganizational ChartsUsed so that classify the position

Position Description GuidelinesTip: When writing a position description, avoid the ?inflationary effect? that can occur when describing the extent of responsibilities or scope inherent in a task. Also, avoid the ?wish list? of skills or personality traits. Focus on the work, not the employee.Reviewing Position descriptions by uhrsSection SevenReviewing by UHRSFLSA ExemptionsSupport in addition to Service PositionsJobJob SpecProfessional PositionsExempt or Non-exemptLevel of work

Position Description checklistSection SixQuestions?Conclusion

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