Purpose Preparation in addition to Planning Teaching Logistics Material Taught

Purpose Preparation in addition to Planning Teaching Logistics Material Taught www.phwiki.com

Purpose Preparation in addition to Planning Teaching Logistics Material Taught

Dayton, Phillip, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Mpala, Kenya: A Summer of Teaching, Research in addition to Learning Ishani Sud Under the supervision in addition to guidance of Dr. Soboyejo Purpose To introduce sustainable solar engineering solutions to two rural communities in Kenya Six weeks of effective teaching centered around solar energy Involve locals in the fabrication of solar ovens Empower locals by teaching at multiple levels Preparation in addition to Planning Global Science Club Food Preservation/Preparation Group Research on local materials, foods, in addition to food preparation methods Development of prototypes Curriculum Planning Local schools chosen as vehicle as long as technology transfer

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Teaching Logistics Julianne Davis head teacher as long as st in addition to ards 1 in addition to 2 (equivalent of 1st in addition to 2nd grade) Ishani Sud head teacher as long as st in addition to ards 7 in addition to 8 (equivalent of 7th in addition to 8th grade) Classes had about 25 students Taught in each class two days a week as long as two hours Material Taught Most centered around the sun All Students Solar energy Conservation Renewable vs. Nonrenewable Resources Older students Relationship between the sun in addition to the earth Specifics of how the solar oven works Teaching Techniques Focus on underst in addition to ing not memorization Creative in addition to active approach Students engaged in h in addition to s on projects

Building the Ovens Physically built once a week Step wise instructions as long as students Teaching vs. Giving Design kept as simple as possible Used materials easily available in Kenya

Cultural Sensitivity As important if not more important than the actual technology Similar projects have failed Difference: spent time with the villagers Approached them as equals Paid attention to detail Adapting local recipes as long as cooking in a solar oven Community Involvement Parent “fun days” Students demonstrated what they learned to the community Older students explained how solar ovens worked Demonstrations Sundial Black vs. White in the sun Crafts

Additional Projects Eco-tourism lodge Solar charged lanterns as long as lighting at night Solar hot water heating system Solar/manual pool pump Future Objectives Assess impact of teaching Assess degree to which technology transfer took place Work on other projects Mpala clinic Camel vaccine refrigeration project L in addition to rover solar powered vaccine refrigeration Eco-tourism lodge Water purification Solar powered lamps Management in addition to training The Experience Probably walked away with more than we gave Rich culture Amazing wildlife Underst in addition to ing of the incredible potential as long as science in addition to engineering solutions

Teaching Curriculum Acknowledgements Dr. Soboyejo Laurel Harvey Mrs. Rubenstein in addition to Dr. Rubenstein Dr. Miguel Centeno in addition to PIIRS Jody Whitehead Dr. Bruno Bosacchi Mpala Research Centre Administration in addition to Staff Global Science Club All students in addition to friends who helped Julie in addition to I prepare in addition to plan as long as the trip

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