Q: What is Still The most common vaccine-preventable disease A: influenza AKA: “Just the flu” ACIP

Q: What is Still The most common vaccine-preventable disease A: influenza AKA: “Just the flu” ACIP www.phwiki.com

Q: What is Still The most common vaccine-preventable disease A: influenza AKA: “Just the flu” ACIP

George, Chuck, Meteorologist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal IMMUNIZATIONS IN 2014 Head to toe conference may 2014Lance Chilton, M.D.Professor, PediatricsUniversity of New MexicoThe reason we immunize Achievements in Public Health, 1900-1999 Impact of Vaccines Universally Recommended as long as Children – United States, 1990-1998 At the beginning of the 20th century, infectious diseases were widely prevalent in the United States in addition to exacted an enormous toll on the population. For example, in 1900, 21,064 smallpox cases were reported, in addition to 894 patients died (1). In 1920, 469,924 measles cases were reported, in addition to 7575 patients died; 147,991 diphtheria cases were reported, in addition to 13,170 patients died. In 1922, 107,473 pertussis cases were reported, in addition to 5099 patients died (2,3). Dramatic declines in morbidity have been reported as long as the nine vaccine-preventable diseases as long as which vaccination was universally recommended as long as use in children be as long as e 1990 (excluding hepatitis B, rotavirus, in addition to varicella) . Morbidity associated with smallpox in addition to polio caused by wild-type viruses has declined 100% in addition to nearly 100% as long as each of the other seven diseases.MMWR, April 2, 1999Q: What is Still The most common vaccine-preventable disease

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A: influenza AKA: “Just the flu”Molinari et al. Vaccine 25 (2007) 5086–5096Influenza deaths in childrenXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXNew mexico’s school kids’ influenza immunization project

Kudos to skiip in addition to to all of you!Early Albuquerque data: Flu school absencesGurule, Escareno, Dharas, Pentler, Skipper in addition to Chilton, unpublishedDoesn’t he ever stop talking about influenzaHe does.

Where do immunization recs come fromAmerican Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Infectious Diseases (Red Book Committee) : meets twice a year, produces Red Book every 3 yearsACIP – Next Meeting: June 25-26, 2014, AtlantaIn as long as mational itemsVotesRed book committeeScreen as long as PowerpointsHead TableMembersMMLLiaisonsLAudienceAudienceAudiencePodiumACIPJonathan TempteLarry Pickering

www.cdc.gov/vaccinesACIP ProductsA bit about vaccine safetyAre vaccines safe AND WHAT’S VAERS ANYWAYVaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System

VSDThe vaccine safety datalinkThis is the most robust vaccine safety system; there are others (example: military).The rotashield® story (born 1998, died 1999)Rotavirus kills some 450,000 children per year around the world; 20-60 in the United StatesEarly 1990s , clinical trials showed 80-100% effectiveness against severe rotavirus diarrhea in addition to excellent safety profile1998: RotaShield licensedLate 1998: reports to VAERS of many cases of intussusception after RotaShield receiptVAERS Signal reported to VSD, which affirmed the hypothesis that RotaShield associated with intussusception1999: Rotashield removed from market.Early 2000s, clinical trials on far more children showed no association with intussusception as long as two new vaccines, Rotarix® in addition to Rotateq®2006: Rotarix in addition to Rotateq approved by FDA in addition to recommended by ACIPSUCCESS OR FAILURE OF THE VACCINE SAFETY SYSTEM

HOW SHOULD WE COMMUNICATE HOW SAFE VACCINES AREPenn in addition to teller’s approach to vaccine safety discussion Viewer Discretion AdvisedPaul offitt’s approach

Dr. bob sears’ approachDr. sears’ vaccine scheduleToo many antigens2012: 2 month shots:Antigens:Rotavirus 5Pediarix Diphtheria 1Tetanus 1Pertussis 3Polio 3Hepatitis B 1H. Influenzae B 1Pneumococcal 13Total 28Streptococcal Infection =25-50 antigensUpper respiratory infection =4-10 antigensIn the old days:Smallpox vaccine =~200 antigensWhole cell pertussis vaccine =~3000 antigens

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Declining number of antigens:Vaccines aren’t freeBut no, folks, you won’t have to pay as long as vaccines in New Mexico (yet).In 42 states But only as long as UninsuredNative Americans/Alaska NativesMedicaid insuredUnderinsuredBut only in FQHC or RHC

In 6 states (NH, RI, VT, WI, WY in addition to For all children in addition to adolescents be as long as e their 19th birthdayNew mexico!)Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Washington cover most but not all childhood vaccinesAre these vaccines af as long as dableIn Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas in addition to most other states, the total private sector price of all vaccines as long as each person (except influenza) through age 18 was $2171 + vaccine administration as of April 2014.In New Mexico, the price to patients is $0 + vaccine administrationVaccines as long as Children as long as everyone in New Mexico is under attack!Why is this importantVaccines as long as the first five yearsVaccines as long as adolescenceApril 1, 2014, CDC data

Thank you as long as all you do!”Schools have a wealth of potential as long as ensuring the future well-being of young people. You can’t educate a child who isn’t healthy, in addition to you can’t keep a child healthy who isn’t educated.”- M. Jocelyn Elders, MD

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